Superbowl XLVI & Social Media

This year, the Giants social media is impressive and inspiring. Along with tried-and-true social media efforts, the Giants have some creative tricks that have fallen our of their sleeves.

  • They installed a button on their website that lets fans follow over a dozen players on Twitter with one click
  • To unleash daily behind-the-scenes footage of the team, 10,000 new fans have to “Like” the team’s Facebook page each day
  • Yesterday’s “Social Media Night” consisted of a number of players participating in a live webcast from the team hotel, communicating with fans on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Some players have hosted Google+ Hangouts in which five fans are selected to join their Google+ Circles.

With the Superbowl just two days away, we have tons of social media activity to look forward to on game day.

Super bowl and Social Media Image
Lots of birds in the stadium this year!