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Kickstarting Crowdfunding Projects

Most online users are familiar with the concept of crowdfunding and how Kickstarter, the most well-known platform for crowdfunding, operates between users and projects. Since the rise of Kickstarter, more crowdfunding sites have popped up to either compete or target their own niche market. Here’s a list of some other crowdfunding platforms that might sound familiar:

- RocketHub- A site for funding musicians, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists.

- IndieGoGo – Kickstarter’s largest competitor and also a global crowdfunding site.

- PeopleFund.It – Crowdfunding for the U.K. with a reach of two million users.

GigFundr – Paying for bands to go on tour to specific locations through funding.

- SmallKnot – Crowdfunding to support small, local, and community-based businesses.

Spot.us – A community journalism crowdfunding site that allows users to submit money to fund the coverage of a topic or specific story.