Anyway You Spin It, Orginal Content Is King

The Internet is built off of mostly unique, user-generated content. However, it is also home to millions of copied, plagiarized, and stolen pages of content. You may feel that “spinning” blogs and web content is a great SEO tactic that will help boost your website to the top of a Google search. However, it may be the complete opposite these days, as Google and other search engines are well aware of the “spinning” tricks up your sleeve.

If you don’t know what it means to “spin” content, allow us to give you an example. Say that an SEO agency comes to you and says they will “spin” content on your website or blog. Instead of creating original content, they will instead use content that is already available on your website. To “spin” content means they will change around sentence structure, create synonyms, and add in keywords where they don’t necessarily belong. This can make for a pretty confusing read, but is still believed to push a website’s rankings up through the frequent use of keywords.

Luckily, Google is starting to enforce against spinning content, which makes original content that much more important. Instead of going the cheap route with a “spinning” content team, try shelling out a bit more for all original content. It will make your readers much happier.  Not to mention your website will be less likely to shut down due to plagiarized content.