I Need Retweet Rehab

internet marketingHello, my name is Tim and I am addicted to Retweets. That, felt good to say.

Obviously Twitter is a valuable social networking platform. It’s bite sized updates in an easily curated feed makes it the perfect way to disseminate information in our short attention span world. You can get updates on news, side splitting jokes and the sort of focused advertising that lets you know about things you need and things you did not even realize you desperately wanted.

For companies engagement on Twitter can be a difficult thing to generate. Some people are hold their own feed so close to the vest as to never actually interact with anything. Conversely there is a whole world of comedians and happy Twitter trolls who would thrill at the idea of ripping a corporation apart in public through well timed Twitter jabs. Avoiding wasting your time on either is something that companies have been wrestling with for years on the Web.

One trick companies use is offering deals. Retweet this and follow back and you could win a free so and so. Tell us your favorite thing about our product and we’ll give you 15% off your next purchase. These strategies have been known to net great results with incredibly low overhead. It is a great way to reach people.

But back to me and speaking of reaching people I have a problem. I cannot so much as switch to a new webpage without checking my Retweets. The approval of others, always an unhealthy benchmark for our own success seems to be all that matters anymore. What’s worse, their kind words are no longer enough. These days I need them to fully take my dumb quips on as their own by Retweeting them.

So I have a problem. I need help… but… I just thought of a great Tweet about The Hobbit director Peter Jackson making a sandwich(released in three parts over 3 years), so recovery will have to wait.