Can You Hear Me Now: The Importance of Mobile PPC in 2013

seo company new yorkIndividuals and companies who work with search engine marketing are the first to remark that PPC is in a constant state of innovation, reconstruction, and refinement. Users of Google Adwords and similar systems find this to be a mixed bag: pleased that crucial changes are happening but concerned that their current systems and campaigns will be compromised in some way. Clearly, with changes in consumer behavior and technology both driving the need for development, these renovations of PPC systems are bound to happen.

We had previously discussed mobile marketing for 2013 but what do these changes in mobile use have to do with PPC? The numbers tell us everything we need to know! Mobile shopping is increasing at astronomical levels, to the point where 84% of smartphone shoppers are using their devices in-store to help make purchasing decisions. Consumers are using search engines as their primary tool for everything from price comparisons to finding current offers and promotions. This is, clearly, related to mobile PPC because of its inherent connection with internet advertising services and Google Adwords.

Starting this year, updates directed at mobile PPC will be increasing in importance and propensity, with optional updates starting already this year and required updates making their way to an Adwords account near you in mid-summer. Stay tuned for more updates on mobile PPC in the future–it’s going to be huge!