Taking Advantage of Mobile Email Marketing

mobileemailMost companies already take part in email marketing of some kind. It’s one of the oldest forms of internet marketing, before the days of Facebook and Twitter. But many are still only considering the interaction of a potential customer with their email on a computer. 90% of smartphone owners access the same email on their phones as they do on a computer. And more email is now read on mobile than a desktop client. That means taking that into consideration when putting together your company marketing emails.

You need to be sure your emails look great on a mobile device. This means having a structure that loads well and doesn’t cause images to stretch too far across but fit perfectly within the constraints of the small smartphone screen. You also need to make sure links are easy to access and the overall message gets through. You can even opt to create versions especially for ¬†the phone and include a link at the top of your newsletter. For example; “Want the mobile version? Click here!”

You can also cater to mobile users by letting them sign up for text message updates as another option for marketing. It makes mobile users feel just a little bit more special but also can be used to direct them to your latest newsletter email.

Whatever you do, consider the thought that smartphones are being used more than ever to quickly check email. So you want to make sure people can read yours and not just pass over it.