Building Links Back to Your Site

Ajax UnionBuilding high quality links is an important part of any SEO campaign. Google gives a higher trust and relevance rating to site with links to and from well-trafficked, well-respected sites. Strong links will raise your keyword ranking and reflect well on your site. The question is then, how do you build strong links?

An easy place to start is with online directories. There are a lot of these  and they function in much the same way that a yellow page listing does. Most directories will ask you to put in your contact info and a link to your site, which takes very little time. Make sure to avoid spam filled directories that contain only links and no real info. These won’t do much for your SEO.

Another great way to get links back to your site is by partnering with larger organizations or retailers. For example if your company sells Apple products, ask to become an Apple certified retailer with a listing on the Apple website. If you company is EPA certified, try to get the EPA to list you on their list of qualified of waste removal specialists.

Don’t be afraid to get creative!  Contact your alma matter to see if they can link to your business in their alums page. Any respected website that can give you a relevant link will help!

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