Watch Out For Black Hat SEO!

SEO Guidelines

When we talk about Black Hat SEO, we’re not talking about wizardry and witchcraft. However, we are talking about a spammy way to place more keywords on your website. Rather than following proper SEO guidelines, several websites will try to squeeze in as many keywords as they can in order to improve their search engine rankings.

We often come across websites that have hundreds of keywords hidden in the source code, or worse yet, visible at the bottom of the page. These companies think they have beat the system, but Google knows better than that. Nowadays, when Google indexes a website, they will interpret these bundles of keywords as spam, and will not reward you with any search engine rankings. No matter how good your content or Meta Data is, Google will still view that chunk of keywords as harmful information to your website.

Often times, specifically with eCommerce websites, your web template will automatically lay the keywords of all of your products onto the bottom of your page. This can easily be remedied, but if gone unnoticed, can essentially hurt all of those rankings that you have built up over the years.

So how do we avoid Black Hat SEO? We create original content with a limited amount of keywords. Linking these keywords to relevant pages on your website also helps Google recognize the importance of each search term in regards to your domain. Improving your Meta Data with these keywords is a also a way to work SEO magic behind the scenes. Just make sure you steer clear of that black magic….