Wordsmith Wednesdays: Expert Content Writing

online content marketingNuggets of SEO content writing wealth can often be found at CopyBlogger.com, and they didn’t disappoint in their blog post “21 Reasons You Must Become an Expert.” If you didn’t already know to become an expert in your field, maybe it’s time to switch careers. But the idea of being an expert shouldn’t just shine through in your actual line of work. It needs to be apparent on your website, your blog, and all other forms of online content.

Although my favorite reason from Copy Blogger is, “No one cares what you think if you aren’t an expert,” the most important reason for SEO terms is that quality content ranks higher on search engines. You can play by all the rules, update your blog every week, carefully place keywords and links, but it won’t matter much if your writing, quite frankly, sucks. People trust experts. They have little faith in a website looks like it was made on Geocities. Trustworthy people make sales!

Blog about what you know and what actually relates to your business. It might be tempting to discuss the latest Amanda Bynes meltdown to get a few more clicks, but is that really helping your business? What if you’re not the strongest writer and you’ve hired an online marketing company? Be involved! They may not be the most knowledgeable about your business, but by supplying them with relevant information and staying in contact, you can ensure better written and more informative blog posts.

With Google’s algorithm constantly changing, the shift towards high-quality content on your site is becoming more apparent. Show Google you’re an expert or head to the Geocities’ graveyard now.