Building a Brand And Dealing With Criticism

building your brandThe openness of the Web offers a great opportunity to any business attempting to build their brand. Through a well thought out Internet presence you can find customers and make your company synonymous with providing high quality information in whatever field you choose.

Of course that same openness that makes the Internet an inexpensive place for you when building your brand also leaves you open to a wide array of users on any given platform who might want to criticize or simply “troll” your company.

Whether it is a user leaving a negative Yelp review or commenting with some sharp critique on a Facebook post, reacting to genuine customer criticism on the Web is vital. This is where you earn your customer service stripes in public for all to see. Even the most negatively worded critique should be greeted with polite and knowledgeable responses. Get to the bottom of these criticisms and offer the user a followup experience wherein you can prove the value of your business. This will allow you to harness negativity to your own positive ends.

As for the “trolling”, the key becomes knowing the difference between real critiques and users simply interested in bating the bear. You are the bear and their hope is to rile you up. The key in these cases is to report these abusive users to site administrators and do your best to clear their comments from the Web without giving them to much of the attention they so desire.

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