Facebook Ads for Social Commerce

facebook moneyFacebook and social media can do many great things for your business. You can use social media to have a conversation with your customers and gain feedback on your services or products. You can reach out to a new audience that fit your criteria and educate them about yourself. You can also use it to build trust by representing yourself as a trustworthy and honest company. But what a lot of businesses are struggling with is how to actually monetize Facebook and use it as an effective ads platform to convert fans and non fans into leads.

Facebook is extremely useful to use as an ads platform due to the vast amounts of information it has collected about its users. The key is advertising on it properly.There are lots of different ways to target your desired demographic and there are lots of ad types to choose from.

Let’s go through a couple of different ads that you can create to generate sales or leads for your business via Facebook. As usual with advertising, it pays to test out different things for yourself to see what is the most successful. It’s also extremely important to use Conversion Tracking, which we’ll talk about more below.

1. External Site Ads -

These are ads that typically show up on the right hand side of Facebook (and are now being introduced to the Facebook newsfeed).

You can have these ads land on any URL that you’d like, be it your website’s homepage or to specific products that you want to promote.

2. Page Post Ads -

This type of ad takes advantage of the Facebook interface and uses a page post as an ad. You can either create the post on the page and then turn it into an ad in the ads manager, or you can create a “dark post” which will not appear on your wall. The dark posts are useful for content that you don’t want your fans to see and for split testing different posts without having them appear on your page.

You can turn any type of post into an ad – status, link, photo or video.  The power of a good photo can make or break the success of your ad. Photos with people in them tend to perform better than just a product or scene, however this is an aspect that you can test out and see which photos are making your ad the most successful. You can photoshop an image to include text, however the text must be 20% of the image, otherwise Facebook will reject your ad as per their guidelines.

Conversion Tracking:

conversion tracking

For all your ads campaigns on Facebook, it is extremely important to test out their effectiveness so you can see what is being successful and what isn’t. Create a Conversion Pixel in the Ads Manager or Power Editor and install it on your site, on the page you want to track. Then when creating your ad, click “Optimize for Conversions” so that in your reporting you’ll be able to see how many people have reached your goal page.

3. FBX Ads -

We’re taking things off Facebook now. FBX or Facebook Remarketing is only available via a 3rd party platform, like Perfect Audience or AdRoll. These ads can track who visits your site and then follow them around with your ad on Facebook. You can specify what ad will show up to which people depending on what part of your website they have reached. For example, if someone visited your site, filled up a shopping cart and left without buying anything, you can have ads following them around reminding them to view their shopping cart and make the checkout. Sometimes all people need is a little encouragement.

These 3 ad types have proven to perform best for generating actual sales and leads to websites.

Will you be testing out any of these tools and suggestions to increase conversions to your website? If you need help setting up your Facebook ads campaigns, Ajax Union is here to help you strategize, discuss and implement campaigns that work. Connect with us today to learn more!