Using Facebook Graph Search to Your Business’ Benefit


The latest update to Facebook finally introduced “Graph Search”, not more than a few weeks ago (and for some, not even yet, as it is being slowly rolled out). ¬†Graph search has changed the way people now search Facebook; it allows for deeper searches, so not only can you look up a friend or a business, but you can look up people or places that match a certain criteria.
How does this benefit your business? If you have a business page on Facebook, you can utilize the graph search to your benefit. You can connect the things your fans like, the places they go, and their other favorite pages and figure out how to use that information to benefit you.

Say you want to learn more about a specific audience. You can search “People who like Your Business and are…” and can fill in the blank. Male, Female, 30 years old, whatever you can think of. You can see all the people who have liked your page and possibly get more information on the other things they like or are part of their lives and use that information to your advantage when you next craft a Facebook update.

Maybe you are looking to expand to a brick and mortar store, or just want to advertise specifically to an area. You can search “People who like Your Business and live…” to get an idea of where people are located.

You can even search people who like the pages of your competitors, to get an idea of who they are attracting and from where.

Combining Facebook Graph Search and the metrics your Facebook fan page offers more insight into how to direct your updates and who your audience is. At this point, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using Graph Search to help you!