5 Ways To Build Your Email List via Social Media

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Having an email list of qualified people is one of the most impactful ways to advertise your products or services online. In fact, as far as an overall marketing strategy, it beats social media outlets. Email is the #1 activity done online, while social networking is #8. However, the best online marketing strategies use holistic approaches, combining email marketing with social media and search engine marketing.

Whether you’re starting to create an email list from scratch or want to add to an existing one, social media will help you get qualified emails quickly and cheaply.

Here are a five ways to collect qualified emails via social media:

1. Contests

Host a contest directly on Facebook via a tab. Facebook tabs can be found under your cover photo. Use ads to have your target audience land directly on them and post links to the tabs in your updates.

Hold a sweepstakes—information in exchange for a contest entry—for the simplest way to gain lots of emails. Use your products, services or even cash gift cards as a prize. If you choose to give away something very valuable and popular, like an iPad, you may receive signups that are not relevant, so try and offer something in line with your business—cat products if you are a pet shop, an hour of business consultation if you are a marketing company, a fashionable accessory if you are a fashion brand, etc.

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2.  Offer or eBook Download

Offer a valuable source of information to download directly on a Facebook tab in exchange for an email address. Create an eBook, White Paper or other such guide that your audience will find valuable. People will like that it is free, and they generally won’t mind giving away their email address as a price.

3. Promotional Codes

This is a great way to gain fans and email addresses. Set up a Facebook exclusive promotion code for your website that can only be claimed once they’ve liked the page and entered their email. Keep the value of this high to entice people to like the page and enter their email, as you should be offering more value when you ask people to do more actions.

4. Create a Site Page with an Offer Redeemable by Email

Create a page on your site offering something of value in exchange for an email signup. For example, Ajax Union has a page dedicated to our eBooks, requiring a form to be filled out for each download.

Use social media to promote this link. Use the link in Facebook posts, tweet it to your followers, use it as part of your LinkedIn strategy in groups and as a status update, and pin the page image to your Pinterest profile.email marketing

5. YouTube

Include calls to actions in your company videos and video descriptions asking them to subscribe to your email list or newsletter. Using call to actions is one of the easiest ways to get signups. If your videos are already getting views, you might as well get them to take the next step and sign up to your email list.

Are you using any of these strategies to bolster your email list? If you’re ready to boost your business to the next level using email marketing—collecting valuable email leads and sending out high-quality emails—give Ajax Union a call at 1-800-594-0444 and we’ll help you get started.

Ajax Union Email Marketing