10 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

Holiday Marketing Rush

Between finding the perfect costume for Halloween, the most delicious turkey for Thanksgiving, and the perfect gifts for the winter season, focusing on an integrated marketing campaign often takes a backseat to the holiday cheer. Then, out of nowhere, it’s New Year’s Eve and you’ve missed out on a terrific marketing opportunity for your company. The fourth quarter holiday season is a great way to manage last minute branding and sales efforts for your company. Start planning early so you’re not stuck in the seasonal marketing crunch and have ample room to promote your company.

If you end up with too little time and too much to do, don’t worry. Here are 10 marketing ideas to get your business more positive publicity and attract new clients in the holiday season.

In this presentation, we talk about:

  • Setting your holiday marketing goals
  • Writing a killer press release
  • Sharing your holiday campaign through social media
  • Last minute email marketing techniques
  • Much, much more!

Watch this video to learn more: