Top SEO Mistakes Companies Make

We asked some of the best marketers at Ajax Union to name the top two SEO mistakes that they’ve seen companies make. Here’s that they said:

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Elle Spektor, Marketing & Events Coordinator

1. Bad Content — Poor quality, robotic text with little to no value to your readers will not help your company, no matter which keywords you use.
2. Not Putting Words On Your Page — Once you’ve researched the proper keywords, make sure you have on your page. Too many companies have keywords in images, which doesn’t count and won’t get seen by Google’s Spiders.

Mike Jablonski, Senior Google AdWords Manager 

If they are working on SEO:
1. Targeting keywords that bring traffic instead of keywords that have high conversion rates
2. Link building in the wrong places

If they don’t know what SEO is:
1. Not having a crawl-able site
2. Not having title tags Optimized

Sruly Lipsker, Agency Account Manager 

1. Worry about the user experience on your site more than anything else.
Concentrate on customer acquisition not sales.
2. Stay in touch with current, past, and potential clients.

Matt Sieracki, Agency Account Manager and SEO Expert:

1. Indiscriminate back-linking.
2. Lack of a properly formed, hosted, and Webmaster Tools-submitted sitemap.

Rikki Miller, Administrative Marketing Assistant 

From the sales side:
1. Expecting immediate results, expecting short term sales increases.
2. Assuming SEO is a one-time process, i.e. take a couple hours and plug in some magical keywords or formulas and you’ll be good forever.

Gabby Swed, Social Media Strategist

1) Using excessive/just-plain-wrong keywords.
2) Link-farming

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