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Ajax Union is a full service digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, New York.

We offer flexible service plans designed to help mid-market companies and nonprofits expand their online marketing.


Listens and Responds
Takes the time to hear people out in a calm and collected way. Really cares and understands. Responds appropriately.
Embraces Change
Has the ability to change as needs and technology evolve. Is willing and driven to learn, stay up to date and implement ideas and strategies.
Humble Confidence
Is confident in their ability to perform and yet humble to be able to learn and grow.

Positive Can Do Attitude
Believe that they will be successful in what they are doing. Gets things done even when not having all the answers.
Be Passionate
Excited and dedicated about life. Loyal and hard working. Dependable and committed. Takes responsibility and is always in touch.
Super Savvy
 Capable, Alert, With the program, Troubleshooter, Notices, Aware, Thought-out.