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Internet Marketing can be an overwhelming process for business owners who wish to enter this highly rewarding yet very intricate area of marketing and advertising. Even the SEO experts at Ajax Union get overwhelmed every once in a while!

As such, we’ve compiled this Internet Marketing Resources page as a helpful guide to our marketing and advertising services and how they work. Plus, check out our two Meetup pages for business owners and professionals to sign up for one of our networking events in New York City.

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How to optimize your e-commerce store

Check out this screenshot to view optimization strategies for your e-commerce store.

Detailed Steps for SEO Audit

Check out this excellent pdf containing step-by-step details of how to properly audit your website for SEO.

Internet Marketing: How to Prepare, Plan & Succeed

This video comes from, one of the most popular — and instructive — business marketing resources on the web. It offers tips for business owners new to Internet marketing, from choosing the right domain name to creating an effective About Us page.

“The SEO Song” — By Creare

Already overwhelmed? No sweat! For a lighter look at Internet marketing and SEO, we recommend checking out “The SEO Song” by UK’s Creare Group. The bottom line — if you want his attention, you’re going to have to make it to that first page of Google results. And show a little leg.

Search Engine Marketing Glossary

Acronym Overload (AO) is a disease, and we’ve got the cure right here — a handy Internet marketing glossary for your edification:

Above-the-Fold: A holdover from the world of journalism, “above-the-fold” describes anything that visitors can see without scrolling down. Like in a newspaper, your most important content belongs up top. In terms of SEO, if your company’s website is listed above the fold on the first page of Google for your main keywords, you’re in good shape.

Bounce Rate: A valuable statistic in search engine marketing, this is the percentage of users that exit a site without visiting any additional pages, thus, they “bounce”.

Call to Action: Buy now! Request a free quote! Call us today! Call to action statements implore your reader to DO something.

Conversion Rate: Are they visiting, or are they buying? The conversion rate measures the percentage of visitors that perform a certain action (complete a purchase, fill out a form, etc.).

Email Marketing: This isn’t your mother’s mail marketing. Email marketing management campaigns distribute regular newsletters to new and prospective clients, while keeping a close eye on the relevant stats.

Local SEO: Internet marketing has national and even global potential, but that might not be right for you business — especially if you offer a local service. The keywords ‘SEO NY’ or ‘Internet Marketing in New York’ for example, are all keywords targeted for Big-Apple-based marketing.

ROI (Return on Investment): This stat compares money gained and money spent and is an important pay-per-click stat. The bigger the better!

SEM (Search Engine Marketing): The whole enchilada. SEM covers any and all advertising techniques designed to improve search engine performance.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): You’ve probably heard of this one. Search engine optimization is a method of increasing a website’s online presence involving keywords, links, and caffeine — the Google kind and the java kind. SEO comes in two parts: on site SEO (e.g., the actual text and meta information on your website, for instance) and off site SEO (business blogging, social profiles, directory listings and more).

Social Networking: Tweet much? Social networking is the process of reaching out to clients and colleagues — and that guy from Old Spice, maybe — through services like Twitter and Facebook. In an age where most everyone uses some type of social media, no good Internet marketing plan is without a social networking strategy.

PageRank: Google uses a fancy PageRank algorithm to compare the relative “importance” of every web page it crawls, and the higher ranked pages are generally the first to appear on Google search results. PageRank is determined by a lot of different factors, and SEO deals with almost all of them.

PPC (Pay Per Click): PPC online marketing is the search engine advertising technique responsible for those text advertisements you often see to the side of your search results. Pay-per-click is so named because you only have to pay for the visitors (clicks) that your PPC ads attract. And no, you can’t click on the competition to drive up their rates.

Other Internet Marketing Resources

Still stumped? Check out these cool sites to continue your search engine marketing education — then come back and teach us a thing or two!

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