AnewB Marketing Plan

Online Marketing Services: A Meal in 6 Courses

Feeling hungry? The AnewB Plan’s Online Marketing Services create a duo of SEO and social networking that really hits the spot.

We cater to small business clients, offering personalized online marketing strategies with tangible results and affordable monthly rates — plans start at $1,000. No tipping required.)

The Menu

  • Article marketing
  • Business blogging
  • On-site SEO services
  • Social networking management
  • Online bookmarking (Delicious!)
  • Online directory listings

Looking for a little more PR-friendly plan? The AnewB PR Management Plan swaps out the On-site SEO services for an optimized press release to get your business more online coverage through premium distribution points. The AnewB PR Plan also starts at $1,000.

Picky eater? The AnewB Search Engine Marketing plan’s internet advertising services can be easily customized to fit your business, food allergies, etc. Give us a call at 800-594-0444 to explore your online marketing options.

The Valuable Search Engine Marketing Recipe

Our search engine marketing recipe begins with a single ingredient: You.

After studying your business, we select — with your input — a roster of attainable, high-volume keywords relevant to your business, whether your online marketing campaign is localized or national, varying by the season or constant throughout the year.

Using these keywords, our comprehensive online marketing plan enhances credibility and visibility through targeted off page SEO linking, while your dynamic social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks reach out to customers on a more personal level.

There’s only one extra ingredient for the ultimate serving of search engine marketing: PPC management. Check out the PPC Feeder Search Engine Advertising Plan for more info.

A Sweet Dessert from Our Internet Marketing Agency

The AnewB Marketing Plan guarantees 100% transparency, 100% ownership, and zero contracts. We bookmark, we blog, we follow, we friend — and all of the content is yours, generated under accounts created specifically for your business. We hope you saved your appetite for Ajax Union’s Internet Marketing Agency!

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Still hungry? Check out the all new AnewB Booster Packs for daily social media activity. Or find out more about AnewB in the video below.