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Feeling a little lost? Let this page be your guide to the world of search engine marketing with off page SEO.

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Online Marketing with Backlinks

This useful video from GSINC explains how to track backlinks (external links to your site) and why they are important — all in a nifty British accent.

1960s-Style SEO Training Video

HubSpot presents a retro-style guide to promoting your website via search engine advertising. Watch out for some black and white!

Search Engine Optimization — The Important of Links

Youtube’s angrymaker reveals the secret to search engine marketing success: backlinking!

Search Engine Marketing Glossary

Above-the-Fold: Remember newspapers? Neither do we. Formerly belonging to print, this online marketing industry term covers anything a page visitor can see without scrolling down. In search engine marketing, getting “above-the-fold” on Google is a pretty big deal.

Backlinking: Crucial to off page SEO, backlinking is the process of creating links to your business from other domains. To Google, each backlink is essentially an endorsement of your site from an outside source.

Local SEO: Search engine optimization with a regional flare, ideal for businesses whose goods or services are only relevant to clients within a certain radius.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing): The sum total of all online marketing efforts related to search engines, including SEO and PPC management.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Short for search engine optimization, this marketing technique enhances a website’s online presence using strategies that target organic search results — i.e., the search results you see every time you use Google.

Social Networking: This is the practice of reaching out to clients via services like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. The latter being the source of brilliant (and meta) reading material like I Thought You Were Hot Until I Clicked on “View More Pictures.”

PageRank: The algorithmic technique that Google uses to order its search results, as determined by a variety of factors. Search engine marketing is, in essence, the practice of pimping your PageRank.

PPC (Pay Per Click): Using services like Google AdWords, PPC management advertises your site to a relevant audience. As the name suggests, you only have to pay for the clicks your ads receive.

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