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Pay per what-now? Search engine marketing can be confusing, which is why we created this resource page to guide you through the world of PPC management.

If you have more general online marketing questions, don’t forget to check out our primary Search Engine Marketing Resources page.

PPC Search Engine Advertising 101

The ever-useful offers a ten-minute guide to PPC management. A great video to watch — these guys know their stuff.

Google AdWords Management: Better Text, Better Conversions

This excellent video by Google offers tips on how altering your PPC text and landing pages can greatly enhance your online marketing campaign.

World and/or Online Marketing Domination via Ad Copy

Ever heard the phrase “style over substance”? The dastardly fellows at PPC Villain definitely have. Check out this hilarious guide to search engine advertising copy — just don’t take notes.

Search Engine Advertising Glossary

A/B Testing: Also known as split testing, A/B is a way to compare the effectiveness of two or more PPC ads by giving each the same amount of exposure and observing the difference in clicks and conversions. A/B testing analyzes ads one variable at a time, comparing different headlines, background colors, etc.

Call to Action: An encouraging statement like “Buy now!” or “Request more info!” that entices visitors to take action.

Conversion Rate: Stat measuring the portion of visitors who complete the desired action, such as making a purchase or submitting their info for a free consultation.

CPC (Cost Per Click): The amount of money an advertiser agrees to pay a PPC engine for each individual click that a search engine marketing ad receives.

CTR (Click Through Rate): The percentage of clicks an ad receives for all of its views.

Daily Budget: Your daily budget for advertising, calculated by multiplying the CPC by the desired number of clicks.

Google AdWords: One of the most popular PPC management engines, Google AdWords offers text ads with one headline and two lines of text, in addition to banner ads.

Impressions: The number of times an ad is displayed.

Multivariate Testing: Also called multi-variable testing, this baby is A/B testing on steroids, measuring the success of various variable combinations to create the perfect ad.

PPC (Pay Per Click): PPC management is a cost-effective, targeted method of search engine advertising with ads appearing on search results pages, regular websites, and PPC engine affiliates.

Quality Score: Google AdWords Management calculates a quality score for each of your keywords, allowing you to achieve better ad payment for a lower CPC.

ROI (Return on Investment): Measures the effectiveness of an investment by comparing money gained (or lost) with the principal expenses.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Umbrella term to describe any and all online marketing techniques relevant to search engines, including PPC management.

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