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featuresicon-page-alarm Website IntelligenceProactively monitor the health of your website and online presence, and get specific information for making website improvements. featuresicon-adcam Traffic AnlaysisTrack popular pages, visitors behavior, return visitor identification, geo mapping, search engine for website optimization, and much more.
featuresicon-leadcaster Combine Marketing EffortsComprehensive tracking and management of ALL your online marketing campaigns, including pay-per-click, email, banner ads, etc… featuresicon-identities Generating LeadsAnonymous visitor identification for B2B websites turns visitors into sales leads in real-time and manages them in or our own CRM.
Social Buzz TrackingA simple way for SMB’s to track and measure their social media mentions and activity, and how it translates to website traffic. icon-directory-lookup Identify Returning VisitorsIdentify your website visitors (who have previously opted in) by their email address, and track their behavior throughout your site.
featuresicon-touch-mapping Track Website ClicksInnovative technology that tracks each click on your website providing real-world information on how your visitors are navigation through your site. icon-bell-med Notification AlertsMonitors your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, and instantly notifies you when there is a problem.



Features and Benefits of B2B Analytics

Many large companies and enterprises incorporate an entire team of analytics and enterprise-grade analytics solutions to track their corporate websites. However, many departments within an enterprise can’t always access that data, and if they can, it’s too often too complex for their needs.

Ajax Union B2B Analytics provides analytics and anonymous visitor identification to your websites. Our B2B analytics can work in conjunction with popular enterprise solutions such as Omniture,Coremetrics and Webtrends, providing powerful yet simplified analytic information specifically for any site within or adjacent to the enterprise domain. By supplementing their existing enterprise analytic solution with B2B analytics, enterprises dramatically reduce cost of ownership while still providing mission-critical analytic information that is easy for anyone to understand and leverage.

  • Easy-to-understand analytics for your websites
  • Translates data into information for ANY level user
  • Real-time visitor identification and behavior tracking
  • Lead generation and conversion management
  • Online campaign tracking and ROI measurement
  • Unparalleled click-path information
  • Customized, presentation-ready reporting
  • Easily integrated plug-n-play solution

Case studies

Check out some excellent case studies of SMB’s who have successfully used B2B analytics to increase revenue.

CASE STUDY – Callisto Marketing

CASE STUDY – Gourmet Sleuth



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Reporting Tour

Interested in seeing what the admin panel looks like. Check out this pdf tour of the features this powerful lead building tool offers.

Reporting Center Tour (pdf)


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