Facebook Officially Embraces The Hashtag

facebook and hashtagFacebook has recently gone public with their plan to make bring the ever popular hashtag to their platform. Already, the process has started for those using desktop and notebook tablets. The question on everyone’s mind is whether this will be beneficial to our marketing strategies and campaigns. In reality, only time will tell. Marketers will have to spend a few months utilizing the Facebook hashtag and monitoring the progress of their campaigns before a definitive will make itself known.

For those of you who have somehow remained completely unaware, a hashtag turns topics and phrases into clickable links. These links will be posted on your Facebook page (on your timeline) and will give people an easy way to find the topics they are already interested in. When it comes to hashtag use, we would like to offer up a few tips.

Hashtag Tips For Facebook:

  1. Start using the feature immediately. People have already begun and as internet marketers, our job is to stay on top of the latest trends. Falling behind is disastrous for us. Roll them out!
  2. The hashtag feature does not yet work on mobile phones. Use them anyway when posting from a smartphone. It  will show up for those using desktops or tablets.
  3. Find new customers, followers or friends by searching popular hashtags. Use these to direct your Facebook targeting. This might be the most valuable aspect of this roll out.

Good luck! And happy hashtagging!

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SEO imageThe world of small business internet marketing has changed immensely in the last five years. With the constant updates and improvements to internet marketing tools, this can only be expected. On one hand, this means that your options are constantly increasing and improving. On the other hand, it can leave business owners more than a little confused.

We know that it is often not feasible to sign up for every marketing strategy you hear about. Stretching your resources that thin is rarely a good idea in the long run. But, what do you need to sign up for? What services will get you the most results for your money?

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MEETUP.COM – Bridging the Online/Offline Gap Since 2001

If you aren’t familiar with Meetup.com, it’s time to be. This social media site facilitates offline get-togethers for groups of people with common interests and goals. It’s the most popular site of its kind and quite brilliant, INMHO. Meetup is free, easy-to-use and invaluable for all types of online and offline networking.Meetup combines and streamlines the basic concepts of Facebook’s events and groups, and then adds filters to help users find local groups with desired attributes. So, if a person is opening a French bistro in Midtown and wants to network with local restaurant owners for business advice, he or she can find a Meetup group related to the Food & Beverage industry in the New York area. Upon joining the Meetup group, the aspiring bistro owner receives invitations to local gatherings created specifically for restaurant owners, and he learns how to succeed in business!It’s great for small- to mid-sized business owners and entrepreneurs who primarily conduct local business.

In case you’re curious, I made a list of the Top 10 Most Popular Meetup Groups in NYC. Based on my findings, groups intended for general professional networking get the most members. After that, professional networking groups targeting a certain demographic are popular. “Black Professionals…,” “Young Lesbians…” and “Women INspiring…” are popular, as well as a group about learning Japanese and drinking sake. Interesting….

1. NY Connect and Learn Business Networking Group

1,913 Smart Networkers

2. Black Professionals In The City

1,664 Black Professionals

3. The NY Recruiting Meetup Network

1,238 Recruiters

4. NJ Tech Meetup

1,013 Techies

5. Young Lesbian Professionals

952 Lesbian Professionals

6. Women INspiring Women

765 Inspirational Women

7. Japan Club: Basic Japanese Instruction and Sake withFriends

686 Japan Club Members

8. The New York Corporate Social Responsibility MeetupGroup

678 People interested in CSR

9. The NYC Social Media Networkers Meetup Group

518 Social Media Networkers

10. NY Funders & Founders Private Equity & VentureCapital Group

475 Funders & Founders