The Future of Facebook

online marketingWith the uprising importance of the digital world and the relevance of social media in the online marketing industry, Facebook has been an obvious game changer. Initially deemed as a social network used for finding friends, posting pictures and creating up-to-the-minute status updates among other things, Facebook has evolved into so much more, especially in the industry of online marketing.

Facebook users are provided with an assortment of features that act as helpful, productive and efficient online marketing tools. Beyond the function of personal use, Facebook has tapped into business branding, image, marketing and success. Nowadays, potential clients and consumers expect companies to not only have a professional website, but an active Facebook page as well.

Advertising on Facebook has proven to be an effective and results-worthy marketing tool. One advantage is that ads can target a specific type of individual or group. Ad targeting is sorted by gender, age, geographic location, education, language, relationship status, broad categories and even precise interests. This tailored ad targeting can lead to substantial quality fan gain. Having quality Facebook fans is an important step to the online growth process. Not only is your page follower number increasing, but it opens up opportunity for sales, revenue, interaction and fan engagement. Another advantageous part of Facebook advertising is that ads are very customizable and can promote a range of landing pages: Facebook Timeline, Facebook Apps, company website or any URL address.

Facebook has made the advertising process easier to use and more effective. It is an excellent online marketing tool that will help to brand yourself and your business. Continuing to thrive in the business world, Facebook will surely be a large part of the online marketing industry in the future.

The Wonderful World of Keywords

SEO keywordsThe goal of online marketing is to push your domain to the top of search engines. By getting your domain into the top pages, you’re making it easier for individuals to find your business and in return, result in profit.

However, it can be a little tricky getting your business or brand to the top of the page. The most important thing to remember is that the keywords you choose mean everything.

How To Choose the Right Keywords:

The first step you need to take is to come up with an initial list of keywords that describe the content of your website. No one knows your users better than you do. Only you can correctly guess what they are searching for. Once you’ve created your list, you can run those keywords through the Google Keyword Tool.

What Is the Google Keyword Tool?

The Google Keyword Tool narrows your keyword list down based on relevancy and local or global search volume. In addition to narrowing down your list, it will help you think of a few out-of-the-box terms you might not have originally thought of. Be sure to keep your local search volume between 1,000 and 60,000. It is also important to remember that Google is only providing you with a tool. It is not guaranteed to improve your campaign performance, but it will lead you in the right direction.

Using the Keywords

After all is said and done, you want to come out with five top keywords that you will implement into your business. You want to make sure your site is keyword-rich. If you want to be searched for using these terms, the keywords need to be there.

They should also be used in all the posts and content that you are creating for your site. It is important to realize that it takes SEO about three months to actually be effective. Try not to stress out when your site isn’t on the first page of Google after 30-days.

Specialty Keywords

While it takes a few months to get your keywords ranking, it’s important to get them out there as soon as possible. If you have a business that features special products or deals during a holiday or event, you want to start using these keywords at least six months before the actual date. This way, if the work is done right, your keywords will be ranking in time.

Succeed at Email Marketing

email marketingEmail marketing is a very important aspect of online marketing, and success can only come if subscribers actually open and read your email. There are a few ways you can go about tempting users to open up your email, which include: solve a problem for them, give them a deal, teach them something, or entertain them.

  1. Solve a problem for them. Sharing news and information relevant to your readers’ industry is a great way to guide them closer to solving a problem they are having. Keeping it concise, clear, and informative is a sure way to guarantee their continuing subscription.
  2. Give them a deal. Everyone loves saving money; there is no doubt about that. Putting words like “free,” “save,” “sale,” or “free shipping” in subject lines is a smart way to entice readers. Figure out what best resonates with your subscribers and they will loyally check emails they receive from you.
  3. Teach them something. A great online marketing tactic is guaranteeing an informative angle. If readers believe they will become smarter from reading your emails, they will continue to do so.
  4. Entertain them. Including a fun video or infographic can do wonders! Informative videos and infographics will kill two birds with one stone. Not only are you teaching them something new, you are doing it a fun and quick way.

The only way an email marketing campaign is efficient is if people are actually reading your emails. You can either enlist the help of an internet marketing company, or try out these four email marketing tactics to not only get readers to engage with your emails, but to also keep them coming back for more.