Give Your Facebook a Holiday Makeover

Although the holiday season is quite literally around the corner, it’s never too late to implement a few helpful strategies for your social media marketing. As the economy makes its slow crawl back to some sense of normalcy, businesses can expect an increase in sales from last year—holiday sales increased by 3.5% to $579.5 billion in 2012. Next to your actual website, most users will be interacting with your Facebook page. Give it a small makeover to not only put fans in the holiday spirit, but to click through to your website.

Start with a simple change to your cover photo. Changing the cover photo to reflect the holidays shows your audience you’re human; it connects a business entity directly to its audience. If your design team is feeling quite creative, change it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Whatever design you come up with, the picture should include the company logo and any relevant holiday promotion information.

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Now it’s time to make some changes from your typical statuses. It’s not just about hitting your quota for the day. Get users engaged by limiting the number of posts a day and posing questions. Question posts receive 100% more comments. And if you didn’t already know, photos receive far more engagement: 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs, according to KissMetrics. Shift both these posts towards spreading a little holiday cheer. Ask users what their favorite holiday song is, or post a picture of your store decked out for winter season.

social media marketing

Lastly, if you’re not familiar with running a Facebook contest, now’s the time to learn. The holidays are the opportune time to offer promotions and sweepstakes to reconnect with current fans and make new ones. Facebook no longer requires the use of third-party apps to run a contest, so choose whichever method you find easier to design and run a successful holiday contest.

With these strategies in mind, businesses can increase engagement and bring up much needed ROIs for the holiday season.

Using Facebook Graph Search to Your Business’ Benefit


The latest update to Facebook finally introduced “Graph Search”, not more than a few weeks ago (and for some, not even yet, as it is being slowly rolled out).  Graph search has changed the way people now search Facebook; it allows for deeper searches, so not only can you look up a friend or a business, but you can look up people or places that match a certain criteria.
How does this benefit your business? If you have a business page on Facebook, you can utilize the graph search to your benefit. You can connect the things your fans like, the places they go, and their other favorite pages and figure out how to use that information to benefit you.

Say you want to learn more about a specific audience. You can search “People who like Your Business and are…” and can fill in the blank. Male, Female, 30 years old, whatever you can think of. You can see all the people who have liked your page and possibly get more information on the other things they like or are part of their lives and use that information to your advantage when you next craft a Facebook update.

Maybe you are looking to expand to a brick and mortar store, or just want to advertise specifically to an area. You can search “People who like Your Business and live…” to get an idea of where people are located.

You can even search people who like the pages of your competitors, to get an idea of who they are attracting and from where.

Combining Facebook Graph Search and the metrics your Facebook fan page offers more insight into how to direct your updates and who your audience is. At this point, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using Graph Search to help you!

Facebook Officially Embraces The Hashtag

facebook and hashtagFacebook has recently gone public with their plan to make bring the ever popular hashtag to their platform. Already, the process has started for those using desktop and notebook tablets. The question on everyone’s mind is whether this will be beneficial to our marketing strategies and campaigns. In reality, only time will tell. Marketers will have to spend a few months utilizing the Facebook hashtag and monitoring the progress of their campaigns before a definitive will make itself known.

For those of you who have somehow remained completely unaware, a hashtag turns topics and phrases into clickable links. These links will be posted on your Facebook page (on your timeline) and will give people an easy way to find the topics they are already interested in. When it comes to hashtag use, we would like to offer up a few tips.

Hashtag Tips For Facebook:

  1. Start using the feature immediately. People have already begun and as internet marketers, our job is to stay on top of the latest trends. Falling behind is disastrous for us. Roll them out!
  2. The hashtag feature does not yet work on mobile phones. Use them anyway when posting from a smartphone. It  will show up for those using desktops or tablets.
  3. Find new customers, followers or friends by searching popular hashtags. Use these to direct your Facebook targeting. This might be the most valuable aspect of this roll out.

Good luck! And happy hashtagging!