How Could Google Penguin Affect Your Site?

search engine marketingAre you familiar with Google Penguin? It’s not a flightless bird who searches the internet but rather the new Google algorithm update which determines the search engine rankings of websites — and it can make the difference between whether people will find your site or not.

Penguin was created to decrease the search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using so-called “black-hat SEO” — frowned upon techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking, link schemes or duplicate content. Because the rules have changed, you need to be on top of the most recent update to take advantage of Google’s constantly evolving search algorithms.

That’s where Ajax Union comes in, and here’s a new way we can help keep your site in line with Google Penguin: the Top 3 SEO Strategies for 2014 webinar. Taking place tomorrow, April 10th, at 12 noon eastern time, this valuable webinar will teach you the ways you can use linkbuilding and other search engine optimization techniques to take advantage of Penguin and push your site up to the top levels of Google’s rankings for keywords relevant to your services. You’ll also learn about different online marketing tools like social media and pay-per-click advertising plus tracking and reporting your campaign analysis. Mark your calendar and join in!

Olympic Doodles

Google’s Doodles the past week and a half have been appropriately themed with Olympic-inspired graphics. The Olympics are lucky to have Google publishing advertisements for them! If your company or organization were to be featured in a Google Doodle, what would it look like? Tweet

Check the Doodles out here! 

google doodle


Google Launches New Adwords Pilot Program

Google, ever changing to keep up with demand and technology, has launched a new “Search as You Type” pilot program that will be available to U.S.-based Adwords advertisers. The pilot program is free for up to 25 million searches annually. Any more than that and a licensing fee would be required.

Search as You Type will use predicative text as well as instant product results to enhance the search feature on websites. Essentially, it is the new technology that has been implemented on and Chrome internet browser, but now available to businesses and merchants. It is only a pilot program, but companies can sign up to get in by fill out this form.

What it means for your company is quicker internal search results that get your customers where they need to go and finding the products they want, almost instantly. In a world where the motto “the faster the better” has become ever prevalent, it may do your business good to try to get into the pilot program.



Do Not Fear the Penguins

A few weeks ago we briefly talked about Google’s latest update, Penguin. But while some companies are shaking in their proverbial boots, you shouldn’t be. Well, let me clarify. If you’re a company promoting black hat SEO tactics, then yes you should be extremely scared because Google is cracking their algorithm whip. This is great news though for businesses who are playing by the rules because it will essentially weed out the cheaters –meaning it will be easier for people to find your company’s website.

Penguin will allow your content to shine, to be read by real people instead of just robots and scripts. The best way to take advantage of the Google update is to provide rich, educational, and useful content. We’ve discussed time and time again that good copy is key. Not only will it help your SEO efforts, but readers can actually learn something useful when they are taken to your site. Any and all copy should sound like it’s been written by a human, not a robot, with keywords carefully placed –they sound natural and not forced.

Don’t “over-optimize” your website with keyword stuffing and other bad practices and you will learn to love this adorable penguin rather than fear it. If you need more help, just turn to Ajax –the best in local internet marketing.

Smart Glasses from Google

Geniuses or crazy people working at Google? It’s a fine line, indeed; I think it’s both. Google is already looking for the newest way to tap into the market and this time it comes in the form of glasses that can stream information to the lenses in real-time. Can we say awesome? And potentially ultra-lazy? Looking on your iPhone apparently takes too much effort…

The glasses will be d