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SEO imageThe world of small business internet marketing has changed immensely in the last five years. With the constant updates and improvements to internet marketing tools, this can only be expected. On one hand, this means that your options are constantly increasing and improving. On the other hand, it can leave business owners more than a little confused.

We know that it is often not feasible to sign up for every marketing strategy you hear about. Stretching your resources that thin is rarely a good idea in the long run. But, what do you need to sign up for? What services will get you the most results for your money?

Ajax Union Vice President Sarah Mogin and Agency Manager David Gscheidle are prepared to answer all of these questions, and more, in the free webinar they are presenting on Wednesday, April 10. The Top 3 SEO Strategies for 2013 webinar will include topics such as how to set realistic (yet, ambitious) goals for your marketing campaign, where to start, how to track your campaign’s effectiveness and conversion tips. Sarah and David will explain how each of these work, how they can work for you and why you will lose the competitive edge without them.

Mark your calendar and register now for this informative presentation. Your business’s bottom line might depend on it!

The Importance of Analytical and Monitoring Software

online marketingIf you own a retail establishment you probably take great care in the way you organize your products. You want people to find what they need but you also want to arrange things in such a way that people will spend more. Chances are you spend a lot of time watching how customers move through your store, what items are most popular, and what items people tend to buy in the same trip.

Analytical software is how you can monitor your customers on the web. What items are most popular online? How long are people spending on your site? How are they finding you online? Analytical software answers all these questions and more.

This software is not just about watching customers, it has many practical uses. If someone buys a grill on your site per se, your site can suggest they buy charcoal and lighter fluid at checkout.  Do people who enter your site using a given keyword leave after 10 seconds? Chances are they keyword is not worth investing in for your site.

In the information age knowledge is power and the driving force behind online marketing success. You can’t just put a site online and expect it to grow on its own. You need to monitor it and engineer its growth accordingly, so make sure to make software like Google Analytics, Obersvu, or Wysigot part of your internet business development.

Focused Keywords For Online Marketing

Cultivating a web presence is no easy task. In fact it is a full time job for almost anyone interested in having a meaningful place on the web. It is even more difficult for businesses intending on being more than just an also-ran with their competition.

In the most competitive fields online marketing must be even more specifically focused. In SEO terms this means finding keywords to focus on that have elements to distinguish your company in search engines. If you sell a cola chances are you aren’t going to beat Coke, Pepsi, or even RC in search engine terms nationally. As a result it is a good move to distinguish yourself with location by making keywords like “local cola” or “Brooklyn cola.” Those keywords will be effective in sussing out customers interested in a locally manufactured option and will help your ranking overall way more than attempting to throw rocks at the throne of the biggest brands.

Internet business development is now a vital option to consider for any businesses looking to grow in the modern landscape. The best thing anyone can do is to try to find keywords that target the audience they know they want and can win.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Black Hat? Not So Fast

black hat SEOLast month, GetElastic.com published a rather wonderful blog about Black Hat Tactics That Are Not Black Hat, citing some useful loopholes that certain webmasters and SEO-ers might be reluctant to use for fear of angering Google.



The definition of cloaking — showing different things to search engine crawlers and users — covers a lot of SEO strategies, many of which are A.O.K. with Google. Examples include displaying different info to visitors based on their languages or locations, or offering “first click free” content a la The Wall Street Journal, where search engines can see the whole site, but visitors have to pay for any content beyond the first click in.

Bad cloaking? Showing search engines keyword-stuffed content and then turning off the spam for your human visitors. That’s some black hat business, right there.

Paid Linking

Paying a site to link to you to boost your search engine rankings is a no-no, but add a “nofollow” attribute on that same link, and you’re good to go. This will keep your link from messing with Google’s ranking algorithm, but still allow it to help you attract visitors from your friend’s site to yours. (And, depending on who your friend is, legal paid linking can still lead to major traffic.)

Auto-generated Pages Stuffed with Keywords

Auto-generated pages just sound bad, don’t they? But whereas creating a program to post random keyword-stuffed spam all over your site is bad news, using your Ecommerce shopping engine to create said pages logically is not. For example, let’s say that “blue striped sheets” is a very popular search term on your site. Certain shopping engines, like Bizrate, will automatically create a “blue striped sheets” category page that will show up under users’ “Related Searches” and such, and that’s okay. The only problem, GetElastic warns, is if these pages are generated without listing any items from your store.

Overall, you should stay out of black hat territory if you remember Google’s golden rule: the content that you allow robots to crawl should be helpful to searchers. Stay helpful, and your hat will stay white.