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Finding The Voice Of Your Business With An SEO Company

An SEO company like Ajax Union can offer your company a lot of things. Better ranking on search engines is of course the stated goal but the process of getting there offers it’s own rewards. One of the more important is that through trial and error and frequent feedback and corrections between the client and the internet marketing agency your business can begin to develop a cohesive and coherent voice.

In terms of marketing your business you may not know what defining your voice means but you know it when you see it in other companies. You know the tone of brands and how they talk about and sell their products. Generally this is in large scale marketing, you know what the Geico Cavemen are about or understand what the 1-877-Kars-4-Kids song says about that endeavor. On Twitter, Facebook and in your business’s blog though that voice can become much more refined. You can present your business almost as if each person was coming directly to you to enquire about it.

Finding the best way to present your business will not spring up over night. You need to have some ideas about what your company is and isn’t and a flexible sense about how best to present that. Over time your business will become a brand and your brand will have character. It is one of the best things an internet marketing agency can do.

The Design of Your Website Can Affect Google AdWords

online marketing companyBusinesses that are looking to increase their online marketing presence should already be on Google AdWords. Online advertisements can drive more traffic to your site and increase conversion rates. If you’re already utilizing this form of marketing, then you should know that Quality Score plays a vital role in who ranks highest for their ads. One contributing factor to the Quality Score is the overall quality of your website.

Ask yourself these questions. How easy is it to navigate your website? Are services/products clearly and correctly categorized? How many clicks does it take to order merchandise? Are there broken links? Is there fresh content on each page? Not only can a well-created website affect your Quality Score, it can provide users with a better online experience overall. Think about it from the customer’s perspective. What do you look for when you visit a website? What would cause you to click off the site? Even if you’re getting a decent amount of traffic, how is your conversion? A poorly designed site could be the problem. People are driven to your site but do not wish to buy.

If you’re not sure how well your site looks or if you need help re-working it, speak to an internet marketing agency like us, Ajax Union!

Get Local

SEO company New YorkIf you do not know just how important keywords are to your Internet marketing campaign, you’re doing something wrong. Keywords are everything and are part of the determining factor in how you rank on Google and other search engines. But did you know that you can get really specific with your keywords, as in what area your market is in? Local SEO might be the best decision for you if you offer a local service. For example, you are a bankruptcy law firm located in Manhattan, providing your services to those in the tri-state area. As much as you would love to help people in Iowa, that doesn’t seem plausible. You would benefit from keywords like “law firm NYC” or “bankruptcy law firm New York.”

Think about when you search for services in Google. What good is it if you search for a Thai restaurant and places from another state pop up? Keep the keywords with your state or region are best. You don’t need to get very specific naming the exact town. Most people will generally type in their state. If you use both regular and local keywords, you can greatly increase your page rank in both spots, which is never a bad idea.

Interested in local SEO? Our Internet marketing agency can help you target your business so give us a call.

Online Marketing: Thank You For Attending Zevi’s Marketing Webinar!

Thanks to everyone who attended our President Zevi Friedman’s marketing webinar today at noon! Zevi covered a range of online marketing techniques, in addition to direct mail marketing. The picture above shows the discrepancy between what your page looks like to humans and to Google, which Zevi described while discussing on-site SEO.

We also awarded a free press release to Stacy M!

Please check out AjaxUnion.com/webinar for our upcoming webinars. Right now we have two more webinars for the month of March, with April webinars going live soon! In March:

  • David will be presenting a Google AdWords webinar tomorrow at noon. Sign up here.
  • Joe and Sarah will be covering LinkedIn and Facebook timeline on March 28 at noon. Sign up here.

And remember, they’re free! Let us know what you want us to cover next on Facebook!

SES Conference and Expo Coming to NY


SEO New York


Are you one of the many business owners interested in internet marketing but can’t seem to grasp how everything works?  The highly regarded upcoming SEO New York based conference known as SES might be just what the doctored ordered.  For over a decade the SES conference and expo has organized some of the largest online marketing events around the world.  With an expected 4000+ attendee turnout this year’s program will be offering a good deal of training.  Over seventy educational sessions will take place, covering both basic and advanced social media marketing, SEO, PPC, analytics and more.  The conference is scheduled for March 19th – 23rd at the Hilton New York; you can register here.

SES is committed to making sure industry amateurs feel welcome. “Don’t be embarrassed if you’re just starting out and feel a little lost in the jargon. SES will lead you by the hand and explain in layman’s terms what search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are, and how you can grow your traffic and business online. If you attend an SES event, you’ll soon realize that everyone was a beginner once. Attend the introductory sessions, ask questions and build your network amongst your peers. Very soon you’ll be up to speed and move on to some of the more advanced and cutting edge search marketing techniques.” – SES ‘About’ page

Hope to see you there!

Easy American Express #savings with #Twitter

In collaboration with the ever-growing Twitter, American Express recently launched a new creative internet marketing campaign, designed to effortlessly save Amex users serious cash. “Card holders signing up for the service can tweet a Twitter hashtag, or search term, that’s unique to a specific offer. After the purchase, deal savings are automatically credited to that customer’s American Express card statement within one to three days,” reported the Washington Post.

What consumers are finding most enticing is the sheer simplicity of the deal. There is no annoying search for workable coupons, no mail-in rebate, and no membership point conversions. Send out a tweet and if you choose to buy a particular item, you’ll be rewarded with a bonus; if not, you can wait for the next deal. You can sign up for the service now at https://sync.americanexpress.com/twitter.

Additionally, back in February, Amex and Twitter worked on a joint advertising project for small business internet marketing. Twitter plans on extending this advertising service to non-Amex users as well sometime in the near future.

Other social sites have also been in the mix. The “Link, Like, Love” program for Facebook, as well as several campaigns with Foursquare, have all played major roles in attracting new American Express customers.

American Express’s own business tips webpage, known as The Knowledge Center, discusses strategies including social media tactics and local internet marketing tips. Check it out for some really helpful marketing information.

How To Confirm Authorship and Ownership on Google Plus

Google Search has recently evolved to include two important concepts: authorship and ownership. These allow site authors and owners to verify the credibility of blog posts, articles, and other content, a factor Google is considering increasingly important. In other words, a verified blog post is going to have a big advantage, rankings-wise, over Random Blog Post X.

So let’s get verified.

Author Information on Google+

seo company

Authored Search Engine Listing

Google Support outlines two methods for confirming authorship. The easiest way involves confirming using an email address:

STEP 1: Include your full name, ideally linking to your email address, on every page of content you’re trying to verify.

STEP 2: Verify your email address on your Google+ profile.

1. While editing your Google profile, select Contributor and add the URLs of the sites you write for.
2. In the Work box, click “New contact info” and add your email address.
3. You’ll then see a link you can click to send a verification email to the specified address.

Note: If you write under multiple email addresses, you’ll have to do this for every email.

STEP 3: Let Google know via this form. You can ignore the checkbox about the markup, as this is only required in the second, more complicated method of verifying things.

Verifying Your Google+ Page (Ownership)

STEP 1: Link your Google+ page to your site. Quoth Google: Edit your profile and add your URL as a custom link.

STEP 2: Link your site to your Google+ page.

Ah, symmetry. Unfortunately, this part is also bizarrely confusing and somewhat contradicts with Google’s own badge instructions. Blind Five Year Old’s Google Plus SEO guide really helped me out here.

You basically want to link to your Google+ page from you homepage using a rel=”publisher” tag, and to do so only on your home page (not in the header or anything).

The link should look like this:

<a href="YOUR PROFILE URL" rel="publisher">My Google+ Page</a>

BFYO recommends testing out your link add-age via the Rich Snippets Testing Tool. (PS: The alternative authorship method involves adding a rel=”author” tag to your content, if you want to be a punk about it.)

STEP 3: Get 1000 people to add your Google+ page to their circles. What??? Yeah, this part is hard. It might take some effort on your part — adding your page to your signature, emailing your contacts, recruiting pals from Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. But it’s probably worth it.

STEP 4: Submit a verification request via this form.

And the abracadabra, you’re all set!

This is a follow-up blog for the recent free Google Plus Social Media Webinar our SEO company hosted yesterday. For information on our upcoming webinars, visit AjaxUnion.com/webinar.

How To Build a Custom Tweet Button

Morning all, this is Sarah of @SarahMogin fame, following up on my webinar-declared promise to explain the art of customizing a Tweet button.

First, let’s talk about what Twitter has to offer in its resources section. If you visit this page and choose the “Share a Link” option, you can enjoy a decent amount of functionality without much heavy-duty coding.

seo company internet marketing agency

I filled out the form above to create the tweet above. How? I entered:

  • The URL I wanted my tweet to lead to: http://www.ajaxunion.com. If you’re creating a tweet button to drop into the backend of your blog or ecommerce site (where it will apply to multiple URLs), choose the Use the page URL option.
  • My tweet text: My SEO company is awesome!
  • My username and company username — I used the placeholders myusername and mycompany. One cool thing here is that, after tweeting, I was directed to the bottom-left image above, where it invited me to follow both myusername and mycompany. (In other words, you can use a tweet button to get users to tweet about your company and to encourage them to follow up to two accounts.)
  • A relevant hashtag: #marketing

For slightly more customization, I sometimes roll up my sleeves and employ some HTML/CSS. This allows me to fully customize the content of the tweet and to pick a custom image for the button.

Want to know how to do this? Tweet @SarahMogin and we can talk about your circumstances.

Facebook Cracks Down on Breakup Notifier App, Heartbreak Ensues

breakup notifier

Facebook just disabled one of our favorite apps in recent history: Breakup Notifier, a nifty tool that sends email updates when your friend’s relationship shatter. Until a couple of minutes ago, all you had to do was add the app on Facebook, select the friends you want to keep tabs on and check your email obsessively until your crush of the moment changes their relationship status from “In a Relationship” to “It’s Complicated.”

The problem? It’s complicated. Reps from the app recently tweeted that “Facebook emailed saying that they’ve disabled us… We are working for a fix, but ask @facebook to put is back online!” — which implies that the app violated some portion of the social network’s terms of service.

Already covered on Geek.com, PCWorld, ABC News and other top outlets, Breakup Notifier is a promising — albiet creepy — app that we hope to see back in action soon.

Black Hat SEO: Don’t Pull a Penney’s

jc penney seo

The New York Times continues to impress us with their attention to the SEO biz — from their November article on reputation wrangler DecorMyEyes to last Saturday’s coverage of J.C. Penney’s SEO scandal. After monitoring the department store’s phenomenal search rankings for a litany of terms both short- and long-tailed, NYT approached Google with their findings, and the search engine giant pronounced JCP guilty of violating the site’s webmaster standards.

Specifically, Penney’s is guilty of buying links, a black hat search technique that disrupts Google’s natural order. The process is not illegal, but Google punishes violators by demoting their rankings or even removing them from the index altogether. Google began manually demoting Penney’s for various search terms after becoming aware of the misconduct.

Reps from J.C. Penney claim that the company was unaware of the link-building, although they did fire their SEO company, SearchDEX, lickety split. Is the retailer telling the truth? Many clients are clueless of their SEO firms’ direct activities, but Penney’s link-building efforts were notably more intense around the holiday season — a finding that implies the campaign had some kind of direction.

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter if Penney’s was aware of the black hat action — if you pay for an SEO company, you’re responsible for the tactics they pursue on your behalf. That’s why Ajax Union does everything above board. Can your marketing firm say that?

Hiybbprqag! Google “Bing Sting” Hurts both Search Engines

Bing Sting

Remember that old saying, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”? Google probably does.

The big G recently published the results of its “Bing Sting” — a covert op where Google manipulated its search engine results for the first time ever to catch Microsoft in the act of copying its handling of unusual misspellings. The sting focused on some crazy misspelled words like “Hiybbprqag,” which at the start returned few, if any, results on G & B.

To trick Bing, Google listed one or more totally unrelated pages as the number one result for “Hiybbprqag” — plus several other out there terms. These honeypot pages started appearing on Bing’s results for the same search terms within weeks. The search engine concluded that Bing had been harvesting its data, perhaps from the Bing toolbar.

Okay, that’s kind of embarrassing. But then Bing fired back, accusing Google of copying its own innovative features, including its travel search, social media integration and infinitely scrolling image search. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

In the end, all of this stone throwing reveals that both search engines are guilty of looking at the other’s test — Bing being the more overt case — and, worse of all, that the two sites might not even be that different. Proponents of newer search engines like the admittedly awesome Blekko have been arguing that for years.

What do you think? Let us know on the Ajax Union Facebook.

SEO News: Google Tweaks Algorithm to Fight Thin Content

google algorithm

With news of content scrapers — and generally spammy news sites — like Demand Media cropping up in SEO blogs and mainstream news sources alike, it’s no surprise to see Google taking action. The search engine tweaked its algorithm last week to cut down on the amount of so-called thin content appearing on both Google.com and Google News.

But before you start rioting in the streets, read on: Google’s primary intention, it seems, is to provide the correct attribution whenever possible. So, if you write a great article that is then scraped by hundreds of illegitimate sites, your version will show up on Google News — not the other guys’.

Worried your content won’t make the grade? Not all internet marketing companies but content at a premium, but the thing is, opting for better content isn’t a choice — it’s a necessity. At Ajax Union, we create original, informative and SEO-friendly content for every Tweet, Facebook post, blog, article, and press release — and everything in between. Can your SEO company say that?