Finding The Voice Of Your Business With An SEO Company

An SEO company like Ajax Union can offer your company a lot of things. Better ranking on search engines is of course the stated goal but the process of getting there offers it’s own rewards. One of the more important is that through trial and error and frequent feedback and corrections between the client and the internet marketing agency your business can begin to develop a cohesive and coherent voice.

In terms of marketing your business you may not know what defining your voice means but you know it when you see it in other companies. You know the tone of brands and how they talk about and sell their products. Generally this is in large scale marketing, you know what the Geico Cavemen are about or understand what the 1-877-Kars-4-Kids song says about that endeavor. On Twitter, Facebook and in your business’s blog though that voice can become much more refined. You can present your business almost as if each person was coming directly to you to enquire about it.

Finding the best way to present your business will not spring up over night. You need to have some ideas about what your company is and isn’t and a flexible sense about how best to present that. Over time your business will become a brand and your brand will have character. It is one of the best things an internet marketing agency can do.

The Design of Your Website Can Affect Google AdWords

online marketing companyBusinesses that are looking to increase their online marketing presence should already be on Google AdWords. Online advertisements can drive more traffic to your site and increase conversion rates. If you’re already utilizing this form of marketing, then you should know that Quality Score plays a vital role in who ranks highest for their ads. One contributing factor to the Quality Score is the overall quality of your website.

Ask yourself these questions. How easy is it to navigate your website? Are services/products clearly and correctly categorized? How many clicks does it take to order merchandise? Are there broken links? Is there fresh content on each page? Not only can a well-created website affect your Quality Score, it can provide users with a better online experience overall. Think about it from the customer’s perspective. What do you look for when you visit a website? What would cause you to click off the site? Even if you’re getting a decent amount of traffic, how is your conversion? A poorly designed site could be the problem. People are driven to your site but do not wish to buy.

If you’re not sure how well your site looks or if you need help re-working it, speak to an internet marketing agency like us, Ajax Union!

Get Local

SEO company New YorkIf you do not know just how important keywords are to your Internet marketing campaign, you’re doing something wrong. Keywords are everything and are part of the determining factor in how you rank on Google and other search engines. But did you know that you can get really specific with your keywords, as in what area your market is in? Local SEO might be the best decision for you if you offer a local service. For example, you are a bankruptcy law firm located in Manhattan, providing your services to those in the tri-state area. As much as you would love to help people in Iowa, that doesn’t seem plausible. You would benefit from keywords like “law firm NYC” or “bankruptcy law firm New York.”

Think about when you search for services in Google. What good is it if you search for a Thai restaurant and places from another state pop up? Keep the keywords with your state or region are best. You don’t need to get very specific naming the exact town. Most people will generally type in their state. If you use both regular and local keywords, you can greatly increase your page rank in both spots, which is never a bad idea.

Interested in local SEO? Our Internet marketing agency can help you target your business so give us a call.

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Thanks to everyone who attended our President Zevi Friedman’s marketing webinar today at noon! Zevi covered a range of online marketing techniques, in addition to direct mail marketing. The picture above shows the¬†discrepancy¬†between what your page looks like to humans and to Google, which Zevi described while discussing on-site SEO.

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