Top 5 SEO Company Strategies for 2011

seo companyOnline marketing changes all the time, and in 2011, last year’s big ideas just aren’t going to cut it. Read on for our recommendations for five strategies every SEO company should employ:

1. Make new friends.

To maximize your off page exposure, reach out to the blogosphere — and the social networking-osphere — to promote your company message beyond your own blogs and profiles. Offer to guest post on some of your industry’s most prominent blogs, or work together with a relevant non-competitor for mutual online marketing.

2. Optimize your PPC — for real this time.

A/B testing is cool, in theory, but who has time to analyze their search engine marketing campaign in such excruciating detail? Answer: you. As SEOmoz pointed out, A/B testing is a relatively simple, if tedious, process — the perfect work to dump on an intern. The lessons you learn will be worth their $10/hour wages.

3. Master local SEO with microformats.

Micro what now? Microformats allow you to format your onsite content such as names, addresses and phone numbers so that Google can best interpret them. Instead of just plopping the information down and hoping for the best, Microformats labels each element so Google knows what is what. Learn more from the horse’s mouth.

Check in with our SEO company tomorrow for the remaining two tips!

January 2011 Calendar for Online Marketing

online marketingAh, the new year. ‘Tis the season to take down your Christmas tree (and stop saying “’tis the season”), pick up a new gym membership and bask in the glory of a fresh Hello Kitty calendar. And speaking of calendars, it’s time to think about your online marketing schedule for 2011.

Here are our suggestions:

  • Blogging: In order to perform well on Google and drive traffic to your website, your company blog should be updated weekly, if not daily. Be sure to incorporate SEO into your post titles, content, images and tags. No time to blog? Ajax Union offers daily and weekly blogging plans.
  • Social Networking: When it comes to social media, “the more the merrier” is the general rule — but you should also find out what works for you. For example, a gluten-free bakery would benefit from the huge #glutenfree community on Twitter, while a B2B tech company might fare better on a business network like LinkedIn.
  • PR & Reputation Management: A reputation is a terrible thing to waste. To promote good press around your company name — and push down the press — it’s best to distribute one or two press releases every month. You should also monitor your company name daily or weekly on Google Alerts to handle new negative feedback as it arises.

Feeling overwhelmed? You don’t have to be. Our search engine agency offers all of these services and more in flexible monthly plans. Give us a call today at 800-594-0444.

Happy New Years from Ajax Union SEO NY!

seo ny

What are your New Years resolutions? For our SEO company, it’s the same as every year: eat healthier, exercise more — oh, and take over the world. The world of online marketing anyway.

It’s been a big year for Ajax Union. We’ve gained a lot of new clients, and seen the start of several new online marketing divisions, including EmailSpark, our business email marketing service, and the PR United & Reputation Management Plan. We also moved into a bigger office, bringing us precious steps closer to our favorite sushi joint.

What’s in store for SEO in 2011? We have three main predictions:

  1. C-C-C-Content. That’s right — quality is back. As Google and Bing grow wise to article-generating robots and similar black hat techniques, unique, engaging content is going to triumph over evil. And that’s our specialty at Ajax Union. (Content, that is — although we do occasionally triumph over evil.)
  2. Even More Mark Zuckerberg. Can Facebook and Twitter get any more relevant? Probably. The reign of these social media giants is set to continue in 2011, as search engines find more ways to incorporate updates, “likes,” and other data into their rankings. Be afraid.
  3. Local SEO. If we’ve learned anything at the tail end of 2010, it’s that localization is important, and growing more so every day. Google set the tone when the search engine tried (and failed) to buy local coupon site Groupon to the tune of $6 billion, and once again with the launch of a beefed up Google Places.

Do you want to start 2011 with a new online marketing strategy? Call Ajax Union now at 800-594-0444.