A Fun Way to Engage Customers

seo company New YorkAs an online marketing company, we’re always excited to learn about new ways to further promote social engagement. Bidding on Google ads and increasing your ranking are all well and good, but at the end of the day don’t you want people to talk about your business with others? It’s a great feeling to know customers are actually excited about your services.

Coming up with clever ways to engage the customer will create a buzz and in the end, a buzz means more customers will visit your site. Women’s fashion retailer Free People has taken social media to the next level and integrated Instagram to their product lineup. Customers are encouraged to photograph themselves wearing the product and upload it to Twitter with the hashtag of the product name. Pending approval, some of those photos will appear on individual product pages. To remind customers, cards with hashtag information are shipped with qualifying packages.

This is a brilliant marketing idea for two big reasons. Firstly, when it comes to fashion, customers are terrified an outfit will look great on a model but not on their body type. Seeing clothing on people other than fashion models will give customers peace of mind. Secondly, it’s a fun way to keep customers involved in your business. It’s hard to forget the website that posts your sepia-toned pictures on it.

Engaging On Twitter

While sharing links and optimizing use of keywords is important, when it comes to Twitter there are other things that your company should be focused on. Mostly the important thing to consider is content. This is not just a general question of whether or not content is engaging or relevant to customers this is an issue of making your business’s Twitter persona worth following for customers. Your online marketing company should be trying to help you and your business find a voice on Twitter.

A great way to keep your Twitter worth following for customers is to offer contests and deals through your tweets. These contests and deals can drive traffic to your company’s website while encouraging new customers to give your product a whirl here and there. As a result you will be using the Twitter generated traffic to grow your influence both on the social network and in the real world of profits and customers.

Another way to engage is to follow the lead of some of the most popular Twitter personalities on the web. Engage with trending topics in funny ways that ties your company into the zeitgeist but be careful of potential pitfalls. Be sure that trending topics are not related to troublesome news stories that might paint you and your company in a less than positive light.

With the right combination of these things your SEO strategy will be effectively buoyed by your Twitter account.

Keep Your SEO Company Informed

Learning how to best utilize an SEO company is not something that you can instantly get and wield perfectly the first time out. While every bit of work an online marketing company does for you is helping your traffic and your ranking, working effectively with said company takes some growing together. Every business is different as are each business’s clientele and products. As a result, each must find it’s own particular way to generate content and traffic online.

The best way to help make this happen is to communicate what your business is and what it is doing with your SEO company. Every bit of information you share about your company can help your SEO writers and social networkers to more clearly share information about your company with consumers. If you are offering a deal on a given week on a particular product, that could be a great feature for your bloggers to write about.

Genuinely talking about the things that are being done within your business will make content at once more real and more engaging. It will also give your consumers a reason to keep coming back to your site again and again with hope of uncovering a new deal or learning about a new and exciting feature or product.

Higher Rankings or More Website Traffic?

seo company new yorkEach business has different goals in mind when it comes to online marketing. But some are not even sure what it is they’re looking for when they sign up with an online marketing company. They just want to see immediate results and make oodles of money. That’s all well and good, but you have to be a bit more specific and have a few goals in mind. Most companies fall into two categories: those who want to rank higher on Google and those who want to drive more traffic/have higher conversion rates.

Depending on which you want, there are different approaches in mind. Most e-commerce sites are looking for the latter. They want to make more sales, have many more customers visiting their sites, who will hopefully make a purchase. The best practice? Sign up for our PPC plan which incorporates Google AdWords –you know, those advertisements you see on Google when you do a search. Google AdWords is the quickest way to see results and it’s a must for e-commerce websites.

If moving up your position on Google is more important, and you understand that SEO practices are long-term, the AnewB plan will be more your style. Keep in mind, we mean it when we say it’s long-term (think months at least, not decades). Ranking #1 on Google doesn’t happen over night. It’s an investment, one that takes time through expert SEO practices. And quite honestly, any online marketing expert will tell you the same.

So consider which is more important to your business or give us a call and we can help you decide.