Using Trends As An SEO Company

Everyday and every night the internet is alive with content being created by a wide array of forces. Most powerful is user generated content on places like Facebook, Tumblr, blogs and of course Twitter. This content drives the conversation of the internet, invents memes and generates traffic to sources with the most current information on a given subject be it the NBA playoffs or the latest episode of Mad Men.

Each of these subjects enters into the either and some of them break out to become “trending topics.” Google Trends categorizes what is trending on the internet and Twitter side bars offer more specific information on the regional trending of various topics.

Driving people to your business’s blog can be helped greatly by utilizing those trends to help sell your content. If holidays are coming up it is easy to predict some trends but that is not the only way you can use this material. For a search engine agency tapping into what is in the air in popular culture is a great way to get your company outside of it’s normal circle of influence. Once your SEO company has started attaching your product to sports and television you will grow your web influence and your traffic.

Online Marketing Companies Target Trends

Those who want to reap the benefits of the internet need to stay connected with social networking and media sites. They need to know why each is useful and how to tailor posts for each unique site. They also need to know how word of mouth affects the business and how to manage their online reputation.

This is where your friendly and hands-on SEO company comes in handy. You can rely on them to stay on top of developing trends and most efficiently use these sites to promote you and your services.

New sites have advantages that older ones don’t. An example would be the user-friendly browsing interface on Pinterest. It resembles that of Twitter but looks far less cluttered and wordy. These sites, especially those with buzz, are candy for web crawlers. A search engine agency can help boost your ranking simply by connecting you to others through new available media.

Each site has a slightly different format, and an internet mogul would know the best way to approach your campaigns.

Ajax Union is a Brooklyn-based Search engine agency that offers a diverse arrangement of services to help small businesses. Through industry-tested online advertising trends, you will get a comprehensive strategy for your marketing model.


SES Conference and Expo Coming to NY


SEO New York


Are you one of the many business owners interested in internet marketing but can’t seem to grasp how everything works?  The highly regarded upcoming SEO New York based conference known as SES might be just what the doctored ordered.  For over a decade the SES conference and expo has organized some of the largest online marketing events around the world.  With an expected 4000+ attendee turnout this year’s program will be offering a good deal of training.  Over seventy educational sessions will take place, covering both basic and advanced social media marketing, SEO, PPC, analytics and more.  The conference is scheduled for March 19th – 23rd at the Hilton New York; you can register here.

SES is committed to making sure industry amateurs feel welcome. “Don’t be embarrassed if you’re just starting out and feel a little lost in the jargon. SES will lead you by the hand and explain in layman’s terms what search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are, and how you can grow your traffic and business online. If you attend an SES event, you’ll soon realize that everyone was a beginner once. Attend the introductory sessions, ask questions and build your network amongst your peers. Very soon you’ll be up to speed and move on to some of the more advanced and cutting edge search marketing techniques.” – SES ‘About’ page

Hope to see you there!

Easy American Express #savings with #Twitter

In collaboration with the ever-growing Twitter, American Express recently launched a new creative internet marketing campaign, designed to effortlessly save Amex users serious cash. “Card holders signing up for the service can tweet a Twitter hashtag, or search term, that’s unique to a specific offer. After the purchase, deal savings are automatically credited to that customer’s American Express card statement within one to three days,” reported the Washington Post.

What consumers are finding most enticing is the sheer simplicity of the deal. There is no annoying search for workable coupons, no mail-in rebate, and no membership point conversions. Send out a tweet and if you choose to buy a particular item, you’ll be rewarded with a bonus; if not, you can wait for the next deal. You can sign up for the service now at

Additionally, back in February, Amex and Twitter worked on a joint advertising project for small business internet marketing. Twitter plans on extending this advertising service to non-Amex users as well sometime in the near future.

Other social sites have also been in the mix. The “Link, Like, Love” program for Facebook, as well as several campaigns with Foursquare, have all played major roles in attracting new American Express customers.

American Express’s own business tips webpage, known as The Knowledge Center, discusses strategies including social media tactics