Watch Out For Black Hat SEO!

SEO Guidelines

When we talk about Black Hat SEO, we’re not talking about wizardry and witchcraft. However, we are talking about a spammy way to place more keywords on your website. Rather than following proper SEO guidelines, several websites will try to squeeze in as many keywords as they can in order to improve their search engine rankings.

We often come across websites that have hundreds of keywords hidden in the source code, or worse yet, visible at the bottom of the page. These companies think they have beat the system, but Google knows better than that. Nowadays, when Google indexes a website, they will interpret these bundles of keywords as spam, and will not reward you with any search engine rankings. No matter how good your content or Meta Data is, Google will still view that chunk of keywords as harmful information to your website.

Often times, specifically with eCommerce websites, your web template will automatically lay the keywords of all of your products onto the bottom of your page. This can easily be remedied, but if gone unnoticed, can essentially hurt all of those rankings that you have built up over the years.

So how do we avoid Black Hat SEO? We create original content with a limited amount of keywords. Linking these keywords to relevant pages on your website also helps Google recognize the importance of each search term in regards to your domain. Improving your Meta Data with these keywords is a also a way to work SEO magic behind the scenes. Just make sure you steer clear of that black magic….

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SEO imageThe world of small business internet marketing has changed immensely in the last five years. With the constant updates and improvements to internet marketing tools, this can only be expected. On one hand, this means that your options are constantly increasing and improving. On the other hand, it can leave business owners more than a little confused.

We know that it is often not feasible to sign up for every marketing strategy you hear about. Stretching your resources that thin is rarely a good idea in the long run. But, what do you need to sign up for? What services will get you the most results for your money?

Ajax Union Vice President Sarah Mogin and Agency Manager David Gscheidle are prepared to answer all of these questions, and more, in the free webinar they are presenting on Wednesday, April 10. The Top 3 SEO Strategies for 2013 webinar will include topics such as how to set realistic (yet, ambitious) goals for your marketing campaign, where to start, how to track your campaign’s effectiveness and conversion tips. Sarah and David will explain how each of these work, how they can work for you and why you will lose the competitive edge without them.

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Keep Your SEO Company Informed

Learning how to best utilize an SEO company is not something that you can instantly get and wield perfectly the first time out. While every bit of work an online marketing company does for you is helping your traffic and your ranking, working effectively with said company takes some growing together. Every business is different as are each business’s clientele and products. As a result, each must find it’s own particular way to generate content and traffic online.

The best way to help make this happen is to communicate what your business is and what it is doing with your SEO company. Every bit of information you share about your company can help your SEO writers and social networkers to more clearly share information about your company with consumers. If you are offering a deal on a given week on a particular product, that could be a great feature for your bloggers to write about.

Genuinely talking about the things that are being done within your business will make content at once more real and more engaging. It will also give your consumers a reason to keep coming back to your site again and again with hope of uncovering a new deal or learning about a new and exciting feature or product.

Finding The Voice Of Your Business With An SEO Company

An SEO company like Ajax Union can offer your company a lot of things. Better ranking on search engines is of course the stated goal but the process of getting there offers it’s own rewards. One of the more important is that through trial and error and frequent feedback and corrections between the client and the internet marketing agency your business can begin to develop a cohesive and coherent voice.

In terms of marketing your business you may not know what defining your voice means but you know it when you see it in other companies. You know the tone of brands and how they talk about and sell their products. Generally this is in large scale marketing, you know what the Geico Cavemen are about or understand what the 1-877-Kars-4-Kids song says about that endeavor. On Twitter, Facebook and in your business’s blog though that voice