“Building is always something I’ve been interested in, from my first Lego set until now.”

Company: Blueberry Builders

CEO: Russell Goss


INC5000 Profilehttp://www.inc.com/profile/blueberry-builders – 2017 Rank 1574  // 3-Year Growth 250% //Employees 38 // 2016 Revenue $6.4 M

Blueberry Builders was featured on the INC5000 as #1574. Blueberry Builders is a full service Construction Management company based in New York City that strives to create a seamless building experience for clients and subcontractors.

Why Statement: Construction industry needs some work, especially in the 5 boroughs.  Architects, designers and contractors don’t really see eye to eye.  Our expertise isn’t just in construction.  It is with the whole process.

Growth: We have a great group of clients that give us repeat work and refer us.  

Clients: Hospitality and restaurant businesses are our bread and butter.  NY is a big eating town.  

Marketing:  Ground floor construction gets a lot of foot traffic, so we put up a sign and that gets attention on a sidewalk fence.  

Advice: The industry is changing and technology is becoming more prevalent.  The older generation resists.  There are areas you can capitalize on that and lead the way.

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