“I don’t allow myself to tell myself I don’t have time because time is all you have.”

Company: BlackRock Construction

CEO: Adam Hergenrother


INC5000 Profilehttp://www.inc.com/profile/blackrock-construction-vt– 2017 Rank 42 // 3-Year Growth 6,611% // Employees 10 // 2016 Revenue $14.4 M

Adam Hergenrother is everything real estate.  Adam  is out to build the Walmart of real estate.  Adam shares his secrets to success and how he grew to be #42 on the INC5000 with over 250 employees that have no set hours.

Why Statement: People want experiences instead of things. Life becomes the experience.

Growth: Serve your people so they serve your clients. Then focus on building the brand.

Marketing: Hummer wrapping… “We get our voice constantly out there so the people it resonates with want to sign up and be with us”

Mistakes: “Business building is surviving your mistakes because 99% of the things we do are failures.”

Advice: Build the brand to attract the right people.

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