“The most important quality in a salesperson is common sense”

Company: Blue Bridge Financial

CEO: Mark DeBacker


INC5000 Profilehttps://www.inc.com/profile/blue-bridge-financial – 2017 Rank 2572  // 3-Year Growth 137% //Employees 30 // 2016 Revenue $6.6 M

Blue Bridge Financial was featured on the INC5000 as #2572. Blue Bridge Financial a company that provides capital to small businesses with a need to acquire equipment.

Blue Bridge Financial prides itself on being able to eliminate the red tape that comes with dealing with financial institutions.

Growth: Small businesses struggle with accessing credit. We make the process more efficient and less pain staking for small businesses.

Revenue or Profit: “Profitable growth is certainly important to us.”

Marketing: “A little bit of everything… IT is a difficult audience to get to from a size and scale perspective.

Ideal Client: Small businesses that have the need to acquire equipment for a central use within their business, and an ability to repay a loan.

Why: “We provide essential equipment credit and capital to small businesses. The reason many people like dealing with us is because we’re not a bank.”

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