“I break a lot of bread. I press a lot of flesh.”

Company: GB Collects

CEO: George Bresler


INC5000 Profilehttps://www.inc.com/profile/gb-collects – 2017 Rank 4788  // 3-Year Growth 47% //Employees 61 // 2016 Revenue $4.1 M

GB Collects is a commercial collection agency. GB Collects treats its employees like family. They were voted Best Places to work for 8 years in a row! The most successful marketing tactic has been wine dinners, where they don’t talk any business, just build relationships.

Growth: Do a great job for my clients and everything else will fall into place.

Mistakes: “Newspaper, radio, banner ads… Years ago I threw money at everything. What works for me is private wine dinners.”

Marketing: Speak to groups. Try to change the way people see commercial collection agencies.

Stress Management: No drinking during the week at all.

Advice: The gurus, I don’t listen to them. They lucked out. They’re a one time flash. I want to hang out with Norm Brodsky. Show me who has longevity.

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