“Live by a ‘yes it can be done’ philosophy.”


CEO: Melode Smelko


INC5000 Profilehttps://www.inc.com/profile/altrua-global-solutions – 2017 Rank 4103  // 3-Year Growth 67% //Employees 57 // 2016 Revenue $13.3 M

ALTRUA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS was featured on the INC5000 as #4103. Altura is a family owned marketing and advertising company that is also in the digital printing business. Altrua is a turnkey solution for digital communications. They are also paperless!

Growth: Let the people who do the job best do it, and I get out of the way.

Revenue or Profit: Both, Currently they have 8000 clients in the system. “We will be able to handle more, but would like to do quality over quantity.”

Marketing: “12-15% of our revenue goes to shows, printed materials, etc.”

Stress Management: Head to the beach!

Advice: Pick your clients carefully. We target clients that are heavy users.

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