“Whatever problem that someone else has and you think you’re never going to have.  Don’t worry because you’re going to have it eventually.”

Company: Payne Capital Management

CEO: Ryan Payne


INC5000 Profilehttp://www.inc.com/profile/payne-capital-management – 2017 Rank 3994  // 3-Year Growth 71% // Employees 17 // 2016 Revenue $4.7 M

Payne Capital Management was featured on the INC5000 as #3994. Payne Capital Management Provides estate planning, tax optimization, income generation, and asset protection advisory services.

Growth:  We do a radio show on AM radio at a prime time slot Sunday at 10am.  

Marketing:  strategic partners who refer business and co-manage the relationship so it is like an outsourced sales team.  

Mistakes: We definitely fail more than we succeed.  Social media like Facebook ads with 0.0% ROI.  That’s a sore spot for us where money has been spent into the abyss.

Advice: You have to be willing to spend money to make money.  Don’t be stingy with spending on marketing.

Driving Force: I guess you have to do something with your life right?  It keeps your heart rate up and stays interesting.  

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