“I love the challenges and how I’m constantly uncomfortable.”

Company: Fresh Prints

CEO: Jacob Goldman


INC5000 Profilehttps://www.inc.com/profile/fresh-prints – 2017 Rank 1078  // 3-Year Growth 392% //Employees 6 // 2016 Revenue $2.8 M

Fresh Prints was featured on the INC5000 as #1078. Fresh Prints is a company that makes it really easy to order custom printed apparel and promotional products.

Growth: We learned more from the experience of running a business in college than any single class. Training and supporting students really powers the growth.

Revenue or Profit: They’re very focused on financial stability, since day one. Focused on growth but also a strong philosophy of being financially sound.
They invest in a 6 week training program to put campus managers in the best position to succeed. Software, sample packs, onboarding call time.

Marketing: “We played with a lot of different recruiting funnels and marketing strategies. Referrals from existing campus managers has been one great source. We also recently started giving out scholarships. As the applications come in, we reach out to those who would make great campus managers.”

Stress Management: I accept the fact that this is what I signed up for and that the stress comes with it. Understanding that most entrepreneurs go through the same thing is comforting.

Advice: There’s a common misconception about campus ambassador programs. People think it will be very passive and just run on its own. If you want it to work well, you have to be willing to invest a lot of time and resources into each student.

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