“I think it’s important, with anything, that whatever you read, you become. So I try to get a variety of different sources…because one viewpoint that aligns with what you already think is not going to challenge you”

Company: The Elephant Pants

CEO: Nathan Coleman


INC5000 Profilehttp://www.inc.com/profile/the-elephant-pants – 2017 Rank 80  // 3-Year Growth 4582% //Employees 11 // 2016 Revenue $5 M

Nathan Coleman is founder and CEO of Elephant Pants, a $10 million business Determined to put an end to the exploitation of elephants around the world, created to help save them by… you guessed it: Pants!

Not just any pants, but the most comfortable pants that anyone has ever worn!

The company was recently featured on The Shark Tank and was awarded funding by Daymond John to continue their great work and saving elephants around the world.

Listen to what Nathan Coleman did to grab a spot on the INC5000.

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