“Success in business is all luck but the harder you work the luckier you get.”

Company: GreyCastle Security

CEO: Reg Harnish


INC5000 Profilehttp://www.inc.com/profile/greycastle-security – 2017 Rank 721  // 3-Year Growth 636% //Employees 19 // 2016 Revenue $3.2 M

GreyCastle Security was featured on the INC5000 as #721. GreyCastle Security is a leading service provider dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity and the practical management of cybersecurity risks.

Growth: A rising tide lifts all ships.  

Revenue or Profit: Every dollar goes back in and we have been profitable since year 1.

Marketing: Our 2nd employee was a marketing coordinator.  We invest 10% of net sales in marketing each year.

Analytics: It’s a very nerdy aspect of marketing but it powers the creative side.

Stress Management: I stay cool under pressure and very even keeled.  Part of it is managing the team’s stress.  

Influence: My grandfather who got me into computers at 13 with the first personal computers…I made more money than my parents by the time I went to college.  

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“You build it, and people are going to come.”

Company: Quest Workspaces

CEO: Laura Kozelouzek


INC5000 Profilehttps://www.inc.com/profile/quest-workspaces – 2017 Rank 3800  // 3-Year Growth 77% //Employees 27 // 2016 Revenue $11.6 M

Quest Workspaces was featured on the INC5000 as #3800. Quest Workspaces provides small business owners and enterprise clients all-inclusive office
space with flexible terms, virtual offices services as well as meeting room rentals.

Why Statement: Goal was always serving the market that we’re in the best possible way that we could.

Marketing: “Now the digital presence is probably the most effective and the greatest source of leads.”

Sales: Grassroots business development efforts locally to find partnership opportunities.  

Mistakes:  Converting to a responsive website was an issue.  We should have made a bigger investment in that area initially.

Advice: “The devil is in the details.”

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“Building is always something I’ve been interested in, from my first Lego set until now.”

Company: Blueberry Builders

CEO: Russell Goss


INC5000 Profilehttp://www.inc.com/profile/blueberry-builders – 2017 Rank 1574  // 3-Year Growth 250% //Employees 38 // 2016 Revenue $6.4 M

Blueberry Builders was featured on the INC5000 as #1574. Blueberry Builders is a full service Construction Management company based in New York City that strives to create a seamless building experience for clients and subcontractors.

Why Statement: Construction industry needs some work, especially in the 5 boroughs.  Architects, designers and contractors don’t really see eye to eye.  Our expertise isn’t just in construction.  It is with the whole process.

Growth: We have a great group of clients that give us repeat work and refer us.  

Clients: Hospitality and restaurant businesses are our bread and butter.  NY is a big eating town.  

Marketing:  Ground floor construction gets a lot of foot traffic, so we put up a sign and that gets attention on a sidewalk fence.  

Advice: The industry is changing and technology is becoming more prevalent.  The older generation resists.  There are areas you can capitalize on that and lead the way.

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“We are easy and fun to work with.  We pride ourselves on having an enjoyable workplace and also being enjoyable to work with for our clients as well.”

Company: Jahnel Group

CEO: Darrin Jahnel


INC5000 Profilehttp://www.inc.com/profile/jahnel-group – 2017 Rank 659  // 3-Year Growth 693% //Employees 40 // 2016 Revenue $3 M

Jahnel Group was featured on the INC5000 as #659. Jahnel Group is a software consulting company that builds web applications and prides itself on being an enjoyable place to work.  

Growth: Start with little projects and let the clients get hooked

Marketing:  Sharing our story, documenting our journey, just tell people what we’re doing

Mistakes: Almost all of our business was coming from Adwords but then the CPC was just going through the roof.  That growth through PPC had too many eggs in one basket and it crashed and burned for us.

Advice: Find other young people who you can bring on and train them up, sell them on the way you do business.  All the while you must tell your story and share your message.

Driving Force: I actually believe that I am put on earth to help young people get from here to the next step.

Stress Management: We laugh and make fun of ourselves even when it’s really bad.

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“Whatever problem that someone else has and you think you’re never going to have.  Don’t worry because you’re going to have it eventually.”

Company: Payne Capital Management

CEO: Ryan Payne


INC5000 Profilehttp://www.inc.com/profile/payne-capital-management – 2017 Rank 3994  // 3-Year Growth 71% // Employees 17 // 2016 Revenue $4.7 M

Payne Capital Management was featured on the INC5000 as #3994. Payne Capital Management Provides estate planning, tax optimization, income generation, and asset protection advisory services.

Growth:  We do a radio show on AM radio at a prime time slot Sunday at 10am.  

Marketing:  strategic partners who refer business and co-manage the relationship so it is like an outsourced sales team.  

Mistakes: We definitely fail more than we succeed.  Social media like Facebook ads with 0.0% ROI.  That’s a sore spot for us where money has been spent into the abyss.

Advice: You have to be willing to spend money to make money.  Don’t be stingy with spending on marketing.

Driving Force: I guess you have to do something with your life right?  It keeps your heart rate up and stays interesting.  

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“People change jobs every couple of years and they tend to take us with them.”

Company: Evidon

CEO: Scott Meyer


INC5000 Profilehttp://www.inc.com/profile/evidon – 2017 Rank 4049  // 3-Year Growth 69% // Employees 59 // 2016 Revenue $20.5 M

Evidon was featured on the INC5000 as #4049. Evidon works with companies to help organize the pieces of their websites and make sure they are compliant with privacy rules.  

Why: We solve the messy problem of managing all the vendors used to build a website and ensuring these partners are working for you, not against you.

Growth: Relentless effort and only focused on website monitoring and privacy compliance.

Marketing: Established as thought leaders in their industry, doing interviews and webinars that get a minimum of 100 people each.

Mistakes: Refined events strategy.  Getting the brand front and center, not just lost in the mix.

Advice: “Take your job seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.”

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“We like to approach the developer when the hotel is still a hole in the ground.”

Company: Imacuclean

CEO: David Cooperberg


INC5000 Profilehttps://www.inc.com/profile/imacuclean – 2017 Rank 2488 // 3-Year Growth 143% // Employees 400 // 2016 Revenue $9.7 M

David Cooperberg is the CEO of Imacuclean, whose company was featured as #2488 on the INC5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

Imacuclean attributes its massive growth to when it started to hyper-focus only on the business of cleaning hotels.

Mantra: “Get better, not bigger”

Marketing: Specialize in post construction cleanup as a lead-in product to the ongoing housecleaning service

Growth: Keep a list of 200 hotels in development at any given time.  20-30 are potential clients.

Stress Reduction: Having a strong management team trained to make decisions as if it affects their pocketbook directly.

Advice: “Don’t get to fixated on your own success.”

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“I don’t allow myself to tell myself I don’t have time because time is all you have.”

Company: BlackRock Construction

CEO: Adam Hergenrother


INC5000 Profilehttp://www.inc.com/profile/blackrock-construction-vt– 2017 Rank 42 // 3-Year Growth 6,611% // Employees 10 // 2016 Revenue $14.4 M

Adam Hergenrother is everything real estate.  Adam  is out to build the Walmart of real estate.  Adam shares his secrets to success and how he grew to be #42 on the INC5000 with over 250 employees that have no set hours.

Why Statement: People want experiences instead of things. Life becomes the experience.

Growth: Serve your people so they serve your clients. Then focus on building the brand.

Marketing: Hummer wrapping… “We get our voice constantly out there so the people it resonates with want to sign up and be with us”

Mistakes: “Business building is surviving your mistakes because 99% of the things we do are failures.”

Advice: Build the brand to attract the right people.

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