Improving ROI With Higher Quality Leads: A Case Study by Ajax Union

Ajax Union helped this leading distribution solutions provider refine their marketing strategy to generate quality leads and convert website visitors.

About the Client

ABCO Systems provides full-service customized distribution solutions for distribution centers.

This well-established company was struggling to generate leads through their digital marketing efforts. The marketing tactics they used only produced low-quality leads, resulting in a low marketing ROI.

They needed a strategy. They called on Ajax Union to help them implement a winning strategy to increase sales.

The Challenge

The Solution

In just three short months, Ajax Union helped ABCO Systems implement a marketing strategy which consistently generated qualified leads for their company.

Ad Strategy

ABCO Systems was using Google PPC ads to drive search traffic. However, these leads were low-quality. Our team helped them refine their ad strategy to bring in qualified leads, improving their return on ad spend.

Marketing Funnel

With no automated way to qualify and generate leads, Ajax Union created and implemented a marketing funnel to convert leads on auto-pilot using various lead magnets and email marketing campaigns.

Website Conversions

While ABCO Systems had a great website design, it wasn’t converting website visitors to leads— leaving money on the table. Ajax Union updated their website by adding lead captures throughout the site, increasing their website conversion rate.

The Results

Using various marketing tactics, Ajax Union helped ABCO Systems decrease their bounce rate on their website by 89%, increase lead growth by 489%, and increase their website conversion rate by 1,941%.

decrease on website bounce rate

increase in leads

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