Can You Hear Me Now: The Importance of Mobile PPC in 2013

seo company new yorkIndividuals and companies who work with search engine marketing are the first to remark that PPC is in a constant state of innovation, reconstruction, and refinement. Users of Google Adwords and similar systems find this to be a mixed bag: pleased that crucial changes are happening but concerned that their current systems and campaigns will be compromised in some way. Clearly, with changes in consumer behavior and technology both driving the need for development, these renovations of PPC systems are bound to happen.

We had previously discussed mobile marketing for 2013 but what do these changes in mobile use have to do with PPC? The numbers tell us everything we need to know! Mobile shopping is increasing at astronomical levels, to the point where 84% of smartphone shoppers are using their devices in-store to help make purchasing decisions. Consumers are using search engines as their primary tool for everything from price comparisons to finding current offers and promotions. This is, clearly, related to mobile PPC because of its inherent connection with internet advertising services and Google Adwords.

Starting this year, updates directed at mobile PPC will be increasing in importance and propensity, with optional updates starting already this year and required updates making their way to an Adwords account near you in mid-summer. Stay tuned for more updates on mobile PPC in the future–it’s going to be huge!

The Design of Your Website Can Affect Google AdWords

online marketing companyBusinesses that are looking to increase their online marketing presence should already be on Google AdWords. Online advertisements can drive more traffic to your site and increase conversion rates. If you’re already utilizing this form of marketing, then you should know that Quality Score plays a vital role in who ranks highest for their ads. One contributing factor to the Quality Score is the overall quality of your website.

Ask yourself these questions. How easy is it to navigate your website? Are services/products clearly and correctly categorized? How many clicks does it take to order merchandise? Are there broken links? Is there fresh content on each page? Not only can a well-created website affect your Quality Score, it can provide users with a better online experience overall. Think about it from the customer’s perspective. What do you look for when you visit a website? What would cause you to click off the site? Even if you’re getting a decent amount of traffic, how is your conversion? A poorly designed site could be the problem. People are driven to your site but do not wish to buy.

If you’re not sure how well your site looks or if you need help re-working it, speak to an internet marketing agency like us, Ajax Union!

PPC Re-marketing Webinar Recap

Thank you to all of our wonderful attendees who joined us today! Our information packed webinar about how to use Google Ad Words to re-market your business online was a smashing hit!

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Ajax Union Announces New April Online Marketing Webinars!

seo nyFirst of all, happy National Puppy Day.

Secondly, please head on over to to sign up for our all-new lineup of April webinars, or click the links below:

We’ve got some first-timers on the roster this month (cough Josh, cough Eric), plus some familiar faces… or voices anyway. Excited to be covering Remarketing, a more advanced Pay-Per-Click topic involving the Google Display Network. Head of it?

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Google AdWords Blunders to Avoid

ppcTo the unenlightened, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising might seem as simple as choosing your keywords and setting a budget, but crafting a successful Google AdWords campaign requires a good dose of creativity  as well. Search Engine Land recently posted examples of 5 Bad Google Ads — a read that gave us a good laugh, and inspired us to dispense some quick tips for our readers:

1. Really target your keywords.

Do you sell used watches? Cars? Wheelchairs? Adding “used” to your keyword list is going to attract all of these searchers and more — many of whom are unlikely to click on an ad for your pre-owned whatnots. If you’re using a modifier like “used,” “free” and “cheap,” be sure to keep these words connected to more specific search phrases relevant to your business.

2. Be agressive. Be be agressive.

But seriously, informing searchers of your 200 job openings or veritable cornucopia of discount phone apps isn’t going to cut it — to earn those clicks, you have to tell them what to do: Find a job! Save on apps! Win a free phone! And so on.

3. Don’t be a haiku. (Or in other words, make sense.)

We all love our inbox haikus encouraging us to splurge on antivirus software and Viagra, but said literature has no place in Google AdWords. Make sure your ads make sense and contain proper spelling and grammar. Another tip: Keep your title and description lines separate — Google made them that way for a reason.

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Vintage Google for Old-School SEOs

Change Is Bad!

Do you long for the search engine days of yore? The tranquil era before Pay-Per-Click advertising, Google Instant, or the even more instant Google Instant Previews?

At Ajax Union, we’re all about looking forward, but sometimes we enjoy looking back, in the fetal position, and recalling the days before the Wild Wild World Wide Web was won.

And you can too! To search the interwebs using a vintage-style Google, throw on your 1999 jean jacket and head to, a familiar-looking, bare-bones version of the Google of 2011.

Not into typing “encrypted”? We don’t blame you. You can also download extensions for Chrome and Firefox to subdue that nagging nostalgia.

But nostalgia aside, modern Google is pretty rad, don’t you think? Innovations like Google Instant Previews have given legitimate businesses new ways to out-edge their spammy counterparts (through design) — and as for Pay-Per-Click, we can’t imagine a world without Quality Scores and CTRs.

How do you feel about the evolution of Google? Let us know at the Ajax Union Facebook!

Does Your Search Engine Agency Use Retargeting?

search engine agency

Retargeting is a super-cool technique in the field of search engine marketing. Intended for sponsored advertisements (affiliate, banner, and PPC ads, among others), retargeting is a method of retrieving lost customers. With retargeting, advertisers monitor the users that visit your site and don’t convert. When these people reappear in covered ad networks, the retargeting data triggers another ad for your company to pull them back to your site.

Although some users simply aren’t going to convert, retargeting can be very useful for certain campaigns. Banner advertising is especially conducive to retargeting; even if a user never converts, they’ll have seen your company name, logo, etc. several times, which is great for branding.

When setting up a sponsored ad campaign, it’s important to also consider how you would like to pay. Depending on your advertiser, you might be charged by impressions (the amount of times an ad is displayed), clicks, or even conversions. You have to think about which method works best with your budget and industry, the find a search engine agency that can provide the ideal service.