May 16, 2022

About Joe Apfelbaum, CEO And Founder Of Ajax Union

About Joe Apfelbaum CEO And Founder Of Ajax Union

“Micromanage the process, not the people” – says Joe Apfelbaum, who is obsessed with finding a better way and sharing it.

Joe Apfelbaum founded Ajax Union in 2008 with a desire to build a business that makes a difference for his clients. From a young age, Joe Apfelbaum saw his mother struggle to build a successful business on the lower east side, working 16 hours a day to provide for her family.  Growing up he saw firsthand the hustle and work you have to put in to be successful. But he knew it was not enough to just work hard. He knew he also needed to be strategic.

As a teenager, Joe studied to be a Rabbi and after getting ordained in Israel he realized he had a passion for business and technology. From there, he decided to focus his efforts on building his technological and marketing skills. Joe started off building websites and fixing computers for his clients. He realized all his clients cared about was generating traffic. So, Joe learned SEO and became one of the best SEO experts in the industry which ultimately led to him building his own business, Ajax Union. 

Joe at Ajax Union and Evyrgreen networking Event

Throughout the first years of running Ajax Union, Joe Apfelbaum learned the value of building meaningful relationships but he was terrified of public speaking, networking, and social media. After hiring the right coaches, taking courses, and reading a lot of books, Joe was able to break free from all his fears and be the influencer and business leader he is today with over 36,000 followers on LinkedIn. 

Ajax Union was honored as one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in the US, being featured on the INC 500, and serving over 1,100 clients over the past decade.

Joe’s relationship-building and networking skills have also enabled him to build long-lasting relationships and also educate thousands of people on the value of networking on LinkedIn via Evyrgreen Networking

Joe is a connector and passionate thought leader. Together with Ajax Union’s president, Tami Schlichter, Joe started Evyrgreen Networking to help professionals utilize LinkedIn the RIGHT way, using a strategic approach that gets his clients results. Evyrgreen Networking has helped over 680 professionals master LinkedIn and create more revenue. 

“The right marketing strategy will save you a decade.”
– Joe Apfelbaum
Joe Apfelabum High Energy Marketing

Joe Apfelbaum is a certified Google trainer, business strategist, and an active member of the Executives Association of New York City.

Joe is a professional speaker and an active member of the National Speakers Association, a group of the top professional speakers in the USA. 

Joe regularly is invited to speak to groups of top CEOs at EO, YPO, Vistage, and the YJP CEO Forum about marketing, networking, and business strategies. 

Joe’s passion lies in helping others be the best they can be. You can find him running around Prospect Park sharing inspirational videos or writing books on how to improve your life and your business. Check out all of Joe’s books here.

Joe Apfelbaum is proud of all his accomplishments, but most of all he is proud of his 5 amazing kids and the ability he has to be present in their life as a single dad.

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