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Buy Supply is a supplier of industrial, commercial, office, and facility supplies, plus all of your tactical, outdoor, and public safety products. Learn what we did for them.

Expanding A Supplier’s Marketing With Rebranding

Buy Supply began as a relationship-only business, getting clients strictly on referrals. Buy Supply decided it was time to expand their business, but they knew they needed support.

The Challenge

Buy Supply wanted to take their business to the next level and start expanding into different markets. Expanding your business is no easy feat. Especially when you’re lacking a cohesive brand image and little to no online presence. Buy Supply turned to Ajax Union to help give them direction and bring their brand together. Luckily, Ajax Union knew exactly where to start.

The Solution

To expand your business to different markets, you need an online presence, collateral, and a way to communicate with your ideal target audience. Buy Supply lacked all of those things. So Ajax Union got to work by holding a workshop to identify their overall brand image, vision, feel, messaging, etc.

We knew Buy Supply needed a complete makeover, so we started by revamping their logo, creating a targeted landing page, collateral for email and advertising campaigns, along with multiple email templates, messaging playbooks, and social media content.


Buy Supply Old Logo Transparent Background


Buy Suppy Black 1
Buy Suppy Blue Black 2

The Results

Thanks to Ajax Union, Buy Supply’s unified brand image has helped them immensely with building trust and gaining new clients. The team at Buy Supply gained clarity on their messaging, identified weaknesses in their strategy, and located opportunities inside and outside of their current market.

  • Closed a multi-year $5 million contract
  • Became an inaugural supplier for a brand new platform
  • Created a sustainable pipeline of leads

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