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conXpros is a boutique lead generation company for home improvement contractors. They help their clients find genuine opportunities and acquire customers without wasting money on bad leads.

Generating Leads For Lead Generation Pros

conXpros came to Ajax Union without a marketing strategy or a plan for increasing their outreach online. Ajax Union helped them implement a strategy to generate leads on autopilot

The Challenge

Prior to partnering with us, conXpros had marketed their service offering with little to no cohesive strategy. Thus, their attempts at running advertisements and creating email campaigns fell short. Ajax Union developed a plan to redefine their marketing strategy, set up tracking and reporting to measure their efforts, and generate more revenue for conXpros during the pandemic. conXpros wanted to generate more revenue spending no more than $35 per lead at a 30% closing rate

The Solution

We constructed a marketing funnel for conXpros with a clear and defined marketing strategy. By clarifying their target audience and identifying key brand messaging, we created an infrastructure for conXpros to attract and educate new leads while building trust with them to convert these new relationships into clients.

Within two months we:

  • Implemented a lead magnet strategy to attract qualified leads.
  • Built email automation campaigns to take leads further down the marketing funnel.
  • Launched a Google ads campaign to improve search engine ranking.
  • Launched remarketing ads to stay top of mind with prospects and generate leads.
  • Set up fully-integrated reporting and tracking analytics to measure our efforts.
In revenue over
3 months
$ 80 K
Return on ad
7 :1
Increase in Google
ads conversion
406 %

The Results

Within three months of launching a cohesive marketing strategy, conXpros generated over $80,000 in revenue with only $11,000 in ad spend. By partnering with Ajax Union, conXpros was able to achieve a 7:1 ROAS (return on ad spend) during their third month of engagement and exceeded their goal of spending no more than $35 per lead. Our partnership resulted in a $21 cost per lead at a 33% close rate, which is a testament to the robust marketing funnel Ajax Union created, and the dedicated, professional sales team at conXpros.

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