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Joyride was designed from the ground up to be the most environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable option for cold beverages. Sustainability is simply part of their DNA.

Joyride’s mission is to improve the quality of office coffee and beverages in a sustainable and healthy way.

Brewing A Strategy For Coffee Experts

How can Joyride position itself higher than its competitors? What made Joyride different and what are the ways we can target potential customers?

These were all questions that Ajax Union had the answers to.

The Challenge

In a highly- saturated market with leading giants such as Stumptown and Rise, Joyride was struggling to convey the value they can offer to their target market.

The Solution

After our extensive workshop and research, we learned 3 main things:

  • Joyride lacked brand awareness in new markets
  • Joyride struggled to target their audience
  • Their audience lacked knowledge about their available programs

With this, we developed brand messaging that speaks to their audience, a buyer persona that replicates their ideal audience, and detailed competitor analysis.

After we understood Joyride’s brand and the market, we began developing our strategy.

Joyride services many different offices all around the world, focusing on a few main target areas. In order to directly target these areas, Ajax Union created geo-specific landing pages for ads that targeted specific offices in the United States.

These landing pages took the user down the funnel helping them learn about Joyride, the product, and what sets them apart.

To further increase its brand awareness, Ajax Union created a lead magnet, an email nurture campaign, and a newsletter.

With these strategies, we were able to generate some brew-ti-ful. results for Joyride!

Increase in
Website Users
77.9 %
Increase in
88.7 %
$ 130 K

The Results

After implementing our campaigns, testing, and optimizing, Ajax Union was able to increase Joyride’s website users by 77.9% and conversions by 88.7%!

Based on Ajax Union’s direct efforts, Joyride saw $130K in potential incremental revenue over 90 days.

Overall, with the help of Ajax Union, Joyride has and is continuing to build its brand awareness and position itself as a top competitor in its market.

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