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Evyrgreen Networking teaches consultants, coaches, and sales professionals how to leverage LinkedIn to generate meaningful conversations with their ideal clients.

Building A Bootcamp

Evyrgreen Networking created a new offering called the “Sales Navigator Bootcamp,” which is a 6-week educational program to teach consultants, coaches, and other sales professionals how to use Sales Navigator on LinkedIn to build real relationships and generate new business opportunities.

The Challenge

Evyrgreen Networking needed support building awareness for this offering. They needed a way to market it and encourage their target audience to sign up for it. That’s where Ajax Union came into the picture!

The Solution

Ajax Union created a comprehensive marketing funnel in just 2 months for the Sales Navigator Bootcamp by Evyrgreen Networking offering. This funnel enabled Evyrgreen Networking to start promoting their offering and generating leads for it.

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sales nav mobile whole page

The Results

After partnering with Ajax Union, Evyrgreen Networking was equipped with all of the assets and marketing elements they needed to launch their Sales Navigator Bootcamp. Ajax Union created the following:

  • Landing page
  • Email blast
  • Email prospecting
  • Email automation
  • Lead magnet
  • Lead magnet LinkedIn ads
  • Landing page LinkedIn ads
  • Lightbox for lead magnet

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