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Same Day Restoration offers 24/7 emergency water removal, water damage restoration, and water cleanup services for homeowners, HOA managers, commercial property managers, residential property managers, insurance agents, and beyond throughout Southern California.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Despite offering high-quality restoration services, the company struggled to reach its target audience and effectively communicate the value of its services.

The Challenge

Same Day Restoration was facing a significant challenge in generating leads and increasing brand awareness.

Additionally, the company needed to fill a senior position quickly, but they were struggling to find a suitable candidate with the necessary experience and qualifications. This combination of challenges was hindering the company’s growth and preventing it from reaching its full potential.

That’s where Ajax Union came in. Keep reading to see how we helped Same Day Restoration increase awareness and find the right candidates to grow their business.

The Solution

Ajax Union recognized the challenges Same Day Restoration was facing and developed a comprehensive solution to address their needs. First, we conducted a workshop to uncover more about their business, goals, pains, gains, and target audience. Then we developed brand messaging, a competitor analysis, and PPC campaigns.

We also improved Same Day Restoration’s social media presence by posting weekly about the Same Day Restoration Brand, core values, services, and more. We prioritized SEO by implementing changes to their website, which included a complete CRO UI/UX audit and an SEO audit.

Finally, we assisted Same Day Restoration in filling a senior position by researching potential candidates, using Sales Navigator to create a list of potential candidates, and using targeted outreach. This approach helped Same Day Restoration find a qualified and experienced candidate quickly, allowing them to fill the senior role and continue growing their business.

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The Results

After implementing our campaigns and strategies, Ajax Union was able to significantly reduce the cost per lead for their client in the restoration industry. With the industry average cost per lead being around $600-700, Ajax Union was able to lower Same Day’s cost per lead to $246.73, a savings of 64.75%! This resulted in a savings of $453.27 per lead, and a savings of over $200,000 for the year, showing that we were effective in generating high-quality leads at a lower cost than the industry average.

“We are extremely impressed with the efforts of the Ajax Union marketing team. We were struggling to generate leads and create brand awareness and Ajax Union solved that problem. They’re also extremely responsive to all of our concerns and work with us through any issues that emerge. It’s been great working with the Ajax Union team and seeing all of their efforts come together to deliver real results! Ajax Union has been a great partner for both our B2B lead generation and B2C marketing efforts.” – Pacy Woonteiler




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