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Read how Ajax Union helped an engineering firm build a funnel that led to an $80K deal in under 60 days!

Building Marketing Funnels For Building Experts

Sullivan Engineering approached Ajax Union with a need to build a marketing funnel to generate more inbound leads.

The Challenge

Sullivan Engineering came to Ajax Union lacking a marketing funnel and a way to nurture their leads. With their current marketing tactics in place, they only produced low-quality leads which resulted in a low marketing ROI. They needed a more comprehensive marketing strategy. They called on Ajax Union to help them implement a winning strategy to increase sales.

The Solution

With no automated way to qualify and generate leads, Sullivan Engineering called on Ajax Union to create and implement a marketing funnel to convert leads on auto-pilot using various lead magnets and email marketing campaigns.

Through the marketing funnel built by Ajax Union, Sullivan was able to weed out the low-quality leads and generate real income from high-quality leads in a matter of months.

Revenue from a $1.5K budget in the first 60 days
$ 80 K
ROAS from closing an $80K deal with a $1.5K ad spend budget
53 :1

The Results

The marketing funnel created by Ajax Union allowed Sullivan Engineering to expand its reach and finally utilize Google Ads to its full potential to start generating revenue and see a positive return on investment.

Through our targeted approach and nurture strategy using remarketing and email automation, Sullivan closed an $80K deal through Google ads with a budget of $1,500 in the first 60 days of the funnel running. This resulted in a 53:1 return on ad spend creating another opportunity for expansion for Sullivan Engineering.

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