May 25, 2023

How to Use AI to Grow Your Business with Joe Apfelbaum

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In this podcast, Ajax Union’s Joe Apfelbaum shares his expert insights on using AI to grow your business. He highlights the best ways to use AI to bring your business to new heights and explains how AI works and where it  gets its information.

Ajax Union’s Joe Apfelbaum was featured on the podcast “A Turn of Events” with Annette Naif and shared many insights during his interview, such as what changed in 2022 where AI became so popular, for example ChatGPT and how anyone can access AI.

How to Implement AI Powdered Chatbots in B2B Marketing

The podcast also dives into the meaning of GPT and how much it costs to use AI tools for marketing. Joe even breaks down using AI generated content on google to rank with SEO.

Joe’s feature on the A Turn of Events podcast highlights how helpful AI can be when growing your business and explains how you can get access to using AI for your business. If you want valuable insights on building a successful business, stream the podcast today.

To learn more about Joe, check out his website here. If you would like to learn how to use AI for sales and marketing and stay ahead of AI trends, visit Ajax Union today! 

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